Hosts advertising their airbnb and more

Today a listing popped up due to one of my saved searches. The owners have added a link to their airbnb property in the Home + Location section. I got the feeling a while ago that sitters are not allowed to advertise any links to their personal websites or blogs etc, so surely the same applies to home/pet owners?

Also, in Responsibilities, they write:

We have an airbnb apartment on the property, and someone needs to be on hand / in the area just in case there are any issues (unable to unlock lock box / park etc)… but in the 2.5 years we have had it, there has been exactly zero of these ‘issues’ … so it needs mentioning, but is probably not ever going to be actually problematic!

Is that allowed?

I have sent an email to to check if this is permitted…


You are certainly within your rights to report them, and to place your boundaries around what you are willing to do for Owners!

We took a Sit (outside of THS) with a similar rental unit adjacent to the home. We specifically told the Owner that we wanted nothing to do with the rental unit. They had a cleaner coming in between guests.

Of course, over the course of a month long Sit, there were 3 times that an issue arose, which absolutely required our intervention: clogged sink, toilet broke, and circuit breaker needed resetting. These were all urgent issues, and the Owner was lucky that we were there to fix or coordinate a plumber (on a Sunday).

We really should have told them ahead of time that they MUST have another person (friend/relative) to take care of these types of unforeseen issues. We should have had the phone number of this person, to relieve ourselves of feeling the burden of solving the problem in the Owner’s absence. The Owner is not always available right when there is an urgent need.

It would even be a good idea to talk to the “responsible person” at the beginning of the Sit, to establish rapport, and make sure they are “on point” just in case they are needed.


I’m a long term Airbnb host. It’s really inappropriate for a HO to assign hosting duties to a THS sitter. Definitely report this.


I don’t think owners should let their Airbnbs when they’re away unless they have someone on hand. I’ve mentioned this on another listing but will mention again. I had a sit in the UK where it was stated in the listing ‘we have an Airbnb in the grounds but you will not need to get involved with that’. So imagine my amazement when, on arriving for a quick handover at 7am (as requested by the owner) she said “would you mind stripping the beds and washing the bedding on two occasions in the Airbnb?” I wasn’t quick enough to have the appropriate answer but just said I’d add it to the bill. She then told me she’d tried to find a laundry service with no luck as thought it was too small a job. I wasn’t even left a bottle of wine! I told her at the end of the sit that it wasn’t part of the service. She actually mentioned my help with the Airbnb in her review of me which probably wouldn’t help her getting future sitters!

So she was willing to pay a laundry service but thought it appropriate that you do maid service for free? Stunned.


Yes, they were my thoughts after I’d picked myself up off the floor!

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No it is not

“ Sitters are not expected to complete any tasks that are considered ‘work’. This includes (and is not limited to) helping a pet parent maintain any business they might have (including managing accommodation rentals) ” direct quote from this article


Yes, you’re correct in your understanding. Platforms like TrustedHousesitters typically discourage users from including external links to personal websites or other online properties within their listings. This policy is in place to maintain a level playing field for all members and ensure a focus on the primary purpose of the platform: connecting homeowners with reliable pet sitters. While it might be tempting for homeowners to promote their Airbnb property, it’s important to adhere to the guidelines to foster trust and fairness within the community. If you notice such a link in a listing, it might be worth bringing it to the attention of the platform administrators for further review. It’s advisable to check the specific terms and conditions of both TrustedHousesitters and Airbnb to ensure compliance with their policies.

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We are sitters and have a link to our Airbnb property on our profile. It is a custom link put there by THS themselves. I suppose it shows our reviews on Airbnb.

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