Looking for a certain kind of sit

Hello @Mastiffmom and thankyou @Snowbird and @mars for giving great feedback about using saved searches.

On reading your post I’m wondering if you are in fact asking about a place to advertise within the forum. While it was an idea considered some months ago, as we watched the evolving nature of this new space, we realized (and had feedback from members) that this isn’t the place to advertise sits or sitters, as it becomes confusing especially for new members, or potential members, who do need to put their details, profiles and listings on the main website where all the support and best practice options are in place to guide you through the processes.

This is explained more in the forum Q&A’s which can be found here…

The only exception is the Last Minute Sit category where owners can post sits that have been cancelled and are within 7 days of starting. Sitters on the forum also benefit from finding last minute sits also by checking out this space if they are in need of an urgent sit.

Using Saved Searches to find sits is, we find, the very best option. But you can also add your profile to your forum profile … instructions here so that other members here can find you. You can also talk about your ideal destinations in your introduction to the forum.

Hope that helps explain and provide some alternatives. But do have a look at saved searches… part of the filter can be the length of the sit… so set it long.