Lost house key

Has anyone ever lost the house key? What have you done about it and what was the owner’s reaction?

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I haven’t lost the key, but accidently walked off with the key! Luckily it was a local house sit and was able to return it quite quickly to the owner.


@Globetrotter we did similar- drove off with the fob for the electric gate!! By the time we realised we were too far away on another sit so we just posted it back!


Never lost one as I put it directly on my key ring that I use for my car, so it’s never not with me. (I also use a tile tracker, because I misplace my own keys constantly :face_with_spiral_eyes:)

On the other hand, sometimes I have to practically beg the homeowner for a physical key!

I do not trust those smart locks, and if the power goes out, you can’t get back in the garage.

Hiding a house key for emergencies is fine, but i insist on “cold hard steel in my grubby little mitt”.

Keys are such a pain.

  • I once put the key in the wrong mailbox at an apartment building when I left the sit. Luckily I could visualize where I put it and they asked their neighbor to get it
  • recently the key suddenly didn’t work. Apparently it was a new copy and they are sometimes imperfect. I had to ask a neighbor to climb down from his balcony- luckily I left the garden door unlocked. Inside their was a original copy and I never used the new one again.
  • I love the keyless entry but once after I left the sit for family to take over, the battery died and no one had a key! The Family member eventually broke a window to get in.
    We shoud teach the pets to open the door!

I’ve not lost a key but on a recent sitter during handover the HO was telling me not to forget the flat key like a previous sitter. The sitter went out and forgot to take a key. The front door had one of those locks that mean when you pull it closed it’s locked. So ended up without a key outside the flat. No one near by with a spare key so the HO called the neighbouring flat to ask if this sitter could enter via their flat. He did and had to scale a small flat roof dividing the flat balconies. Once on the flats balcony he could enter via the never locked balcony door (it was a 8th floor penthouse)

Yikes @richten1! I’m sure that sitter never left a home without the key again! :grimacing: