Low Applications Badge

I did a housesit search this morning and came across the Low Applications Badge.
Has the listing priority now changed?
I was recently advised it was new and last minute sits that would show first (even though this wasn’t always the case).

Just noticed the sort by filter.

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Interesting! I don’t appear to have that option. Is it a filter option?

Hope you can see this - top left next to dates
Defaults to ‘recommended’

Hi All… Just to let you know, our tech team are doing what they call and A/B Test on this, so only 50% of members will see this. I am not sure how long it will last.
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Was this test advertised anywhere as I don’t recall seeing anything in the forum or newsletter?

The ‘Low applications’ label seems to indicate 0 or 1 applications - once a sit reaches 2 the label disappears, and if the sit reached 5 applications then that is classed as a lot as the sit is paused for applications!

Hello all - this is as Therese mentions above an A/B test being run by the product team as follows:

We are running a test that will affect half the membership on Search. This will be running for the next 3-4 weeks and we will keep you updated with the results and whether this becomes a permanent change.

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Tests of various types happen from time to time and the nature of a test such as this is not to announce it as this can affect the outcome and results.

For that reason and because this answers the original question, we will now be closing this thread. For any questions on this topic please email: support@trustedhousesitters.com

Thanks everyone and as Ben says if this becomes a permanent change we will then make an announcement.

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Hi @SandC we have closed this topic and will not be continuing the discussion on the forum for the reasons given …

Please refer any questions on this to the Membership Services Team. support@trustedhousesitters.com

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