Low applications

@Ben-ProductManager How long does a listing have to be listed before getting the ‘Low applications’ tag?

I have seen a sit that we are really interested in however, having read their listing we are not a perfect fit. As it is they have no applicants. If I knew they listed yesterday then I would not bother but if I knew they had listed a month ago I would probably put an application in to see if they had any wiggle room on their needs


@Colin i would be tempted to apply anyway. Nothing ventured!!!

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Hi @Colin Ben is offline but I picked this for you with the Product Team … their answer:

“48hrs low application tag with only 1 applicant”

Hope that’s helpful

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As a petsitter it would help me quite a bit to know WHEN the HO has posted the listing. For example if the listing has 2 people applying for it and I am not yet sure if I can apply, then it would be helpful if these 2 applied in a short time span or over a longer time span. Gives me an idea if I can take a bit of time or should apply immediately.


Hi @markhellemans - I would suggest you don’t worry about how long a listing has been live and ignore any applications that may show.
If you are interested in a sit and your dates fit go ahead and apply. It is only the first stage and it opens up a line of communication with the homeowner. They will see your profile and hopefully get in touch and you can then both see if it is a good fit.


Definitely apply. We used to have 20 applicants per stay and now we have none. We have stellar reviews except for one in which we had to ask her to leave. I was worried for our dogs and house.
But it’s different than it used to me. Definitely apply! It’s disheartening how much things have changed for many owners. They will likely appreciate you applying and try to make it work. Good luck!