Low application

How to I add low application to my intended sit dates please?


Hi @HelenTheuerkauf,
Welcome to the forum we’re happy to have you here! The “Low Applications” badge is added to profiles automatically if they have 3 or less applicants, starting with listings that so far have zero applicants. So if you have three or more it won’t be labeled as “low Applications.” I hope this helps answer your question. @Carla_C may be able to add more insight into how this part of the product works next time she is online.


@HelenTheuerkauf I would also like to welcome you to the forum :slight_smile: and as @Kelly_U mentioned above:

When listings are new or new dates have been added they will automatically be marked as ‘new’ for 24 hours before any other tags such as ‘low applications’ can be added.

I can see that your listing is currently marked as ‘new’ and you have 4 applicants which is fantastic!!

So currently your listings won’t qualify for the ‘low applicants’ tag. But should you decide any of your applicants are not suitable then you can decline them (it’s always nicer with a little note)

And once your listing is no longer marked as ‘new’ and if you decline some or all of your applicants then your listing will automatically be marked as ‘low applications’ when it meets that criteria.

It sounds like you are off to a great start with 4 applications already, if you have any more questions just let us know.

I wonder, are you aware that you are limited to only getting five applications?

And in order to get the 6th applicant, you have to decline one of the previous five, and so on and so on?

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Hello :wave:
First time on this forum
Can I activate the low application badge or is that done by TH.
If done by the platform at what point does it activate with a leaving date of September 2nd? I’m starters get anxious that I have no Housesit confirmed for a 6 week trip out of country

Hi @sessy ,

@Kelly_U has answered your question that was asked by someone else before:

28 Jun

… The “Low Applications” badge is added to profiles automatically if they have 3 or less applicants, starting with listings that so far have zero applicants. So if you have three or more it won’t be labeled as “low Applications.”

Welcome to the forum. I suggest you add your listing to your forum profile so forum readers will be able to give you helpful feedback to make it stand out. This will also give it more exposure. Here are the instructions:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

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Hi @sessy and welcome to the forum. What you need to do is remove your dates then re-post them so that your listing becomes New and will be brought to sitters’ attention once more. There are so many listings being added daily that it doesn’t take long for your listing to have the Low Applications label and slip further and further down the list of sits advertised.

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My posting was boosted yesterday by the platform- lots of interest with my listing being saved but no further applications x 2 days

Thank you
I will do that
I did have 3 applications initially
1.Not suitable as had 2 dogs of her own ( can’t accommodate)
2. Withdrew her application with no message or explanation
3. I sent 2 messages to set up a FaceTime call - 6 and 3 days ago with no reply so I declined ( if they can’t replY within a couple of days I can’t trust that they are reliable to show up for a housesit!)
So now I have no applicants for a 6 week trip starting in 1 month - getting very anxious!

Welcome @sessy I understand your anxiety . However with a month to go it’s usually plenty of time to find a suitable sitter on THS.

If you link your listing to your forum profile- the helpful and experienced forumites here can take a look and suggest some adjustments that might attract more applications.

Hi @temba.
We all do what we have to do in life as well as on the platform. I posted a while back about the ingenious methods of both sitters and owners when trying to workaround the “rule that cannot be named”.
Before I say this, I wan’t to make clear that I’m not suggesting this practice should be stopped, nor am I being unnecessarily judgemental or critical** but I’d just like to say, as a sitter, this practice is very tedious.
We sitters get notifications of saved sit preferences and of favourited sits. Those of us actively looking for particular assignments also keep the sits page open with newest sits sort order selected. Therefore, these renewals mean we so frequently react with “oh, not that one again”.
But, as I said, we all do what we have to do don’t we? Just view this as a small expression of exasperation & move on :wink:

**I put in this caveat as I find I have tremendous potential to offend people. Strangely enough, this has only become an issue in recent years and on digital/social platforms. In 60 years of real life, I’ve been considered a polite person :confused:

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As a very experienced sitter myself @Saltrams I fully understand that frustration as I experience it too when the same sits in my saved searches keep popping up. However, for an owner desperately wanting a sitter, many are unaware their listing is getting lost in the hundreds of new listings daily so explaining what they can do to make it visible once more is just a way to help them.