Malamute - Husky - Would you know the difference between the breeds?

While it can be hard to tell the difference between the Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky (just look at those piercing eyes, smushable double coat, and handsome faces - what’s a pooch lover to do?!), there are actually quite a few. So, if you’re thinking about adopting one of the two, pet sitting, or finding a sitter, this info on the difference between the two breeds might be handy.

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We had a beautiful husky named Tasha for sixteen years. We got her when she was six months old and our eldest son was a toddler. She was the most affectionate and gentle dog and a bundle of energy! She unfortunately developed hip problems and we made the painful decision to make the appointment end her pain but she passed away the day prior. We still miss her!


Thank you @Globetrotter what a wonderful life you had together and what beautiful memories, I’m sure Tasha and your son were the very best of friends growing up together.

No matter how much time passes we still miss them … they are family after all.

I’m sure she was beautiful, inside and out, thank you for sharing.

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@Angela-HeadOfCommunity this post brought back beautiful memories of a gorgeous Siberian Husky puppy we met called Baby aka “Baby Spice” when we were in Swedish Lapland last November. Such a cutie. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Huskies are our favorite breed :heart_eyes: :sparkles:

We own an all-white husky with the cutest black dots on the back of her ears! She has made us fall in love with their personalities and diva tendencies.

We definitely love pet sits with more huskies - they make life so fun!

We even had a full husky pack pet sit in California with 3 husky rescues. The looks we got from neighbors during pack walks were hilarious :rofl:

Plus, we tend to be the go-to for husky boarding when we’re home.


@Mal awww cuteness overload :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What absolutely gorgeous faces @Mal … Do they all have names (of course they do) and how did you give them their names?

What is the one thing that surprised you the most about the Husky?

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Oops, totally forgot to mention their names :see_no_evil:

Our white husky is Cookie (because of her cookies n cream black-spotted ears). Our pet sit huskies were Darrow in Texas; Junior in Nevada; husky pack - Blu, Buddy & Sky in California; and Juno back in Nevada.

The most surprising thing when we first got our husky was probably learning they are master escape artists! Their intelligence makes them so curious. We love providing creative ways of mental stimulation in addition to physical exercise.


Thank you … :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: :dog:

We had the pleasure of caring for these two sweeties in early April, during a short visit to Washington DC. Bachka and Laika were our very first experience with this particular breed. What powerful, talkative, very intelligent animals, and very cuddly too!!