My little bit of advice for dog owners

We do many more cat sits than dog sits, and when we dog sit we are quite selective of the sort of dog(s) we want to care for. Dogs vary so much from Great Danes to Dachshunds, there is only one dog icon.
If you state early in your listing “cute Dachshund requires…” or “energetic greyhound requires…” I, for one, would be much more likely to read, rather than scroll on past if it is an attractive breed to me.
I was looking at a listing of someone asking for help the other day, I paraphrase here, but her first picture was of the house, the listing was dog and tortoise require care and the introduction was ‘we are a family of four with lovely dog and tortoise’. It was a long way in before I could ascertain the size of dog…

@Ben-ProductManager could there be two dog icons, one for small and one for large?


Hi @JackieX and this is a good point… it has been mentioned a number of times that sitters would like more information from owners about breeds - as you say different breeds have different needs and more info on this is very helpful for us as sitters when determining suitability of a house sit.

Ben is on vacation this week but I’m sure he’ll pick this up on his return and add to the internal list of helpful member suggestions for future update consideration.

Have a lovely weekend, all the best, Vanessa