Marketing for Referrals

Does THS have any marketing leaflets or template files I could print out to try to get referrals? Or alternatively are you able to let me have a logo file I could use?


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Hi @HappyDeb ,
Here is the THS logo to use to make your own business cards.

And here are products sold by THS with the logo.


I am also interested. Often when I am walking the dogs and talking to other dog owners on the walks and telling them about how I am sitting I would love to have a card that I could hand out, not so much about me but the company. Just have to rely on their memory which would want to be a lot better than mine LOL.

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Yes, we’re exactly the same in that we don’t want to put our own details out there when we’re offering to sit for free, as we want to choose the places we stay and the pets we sit, but a business card about THS with our referral code would be ideal, we end up chatting to someone about THS most of the time nowadays.

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Hi @Neil_and_Fiona . When I joined THS they provided members with business cards showing a referral code. I did find them very useful and always carried a couple in my bag when out dog walking.
I guess there are far more members now and it would be quite costly. They now provide a logo and expect you to have your own printed.