THS Flier/Card/Brochure

I wonder if there are any THS advertising materials that can be ordered for handing-out to potential homeowners to become members.

I would like to expand membership in my area.

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Hi @Randy_KC , Welcome to the forum. THS has a logo you can put on a business card with your contact info and referral code.

You can also take a look at this topic.


Hi @Randy_KC. I know you mentioned handing out materials, but what’s your experience with NextDoor? And any local/community FB groups? A regular reminder on those digital spaces may also increase awareness.

As an added bonus, if the TH logo ever changes, you won’t have to print more business cards. Lol.

They also have an affiliate program:

I learned about that literally 1’ ago just from looking at the bottom of the TH website.

And here’s the press page:

I’ve noticed that most companies have a “press pack” here, and TH seems included. It usually has handy stuff for spreading the word (images, blurbs, etc.).


Thanks for the info.

Great! Thank you.