Business card with your profile/listing link

Hi all,
As I read several times from different (mostly) sitters, that the THS link to their profile is too long to put on a business card, I just had the idea to create a QR Code with an app Qrafter.
It’s very easy to do and it’s free.
Once the app has created the code, simply save it to your camera roll and have it printed on a business card.
I just changed my header picture on my forum profile page and inserted the code, because I didn’t want to go against THS forum rules about posting the link directly, which a QR code actually is.

This is the app I used with the iPad, but there are others also for different phones or tablets.

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Google Chrome have this already built in (at least on my desktop version). Right click on any page to create a QR code

I don’t use Chrome but when the app creates the code, a page to Chrome pops up, which can be closed and then the code is visible.

How nice for Chrome users😊

I just remembered the complaints from one certain member here about the toooooooo long link…:wink:

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You asked, we listened! Your new TrustedHousesitters member logo is here.

Show off being a member of our pet-loving community with pride with this custom TrustedHousesitters logo - designed especially for you, our members.
Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 17.36.39

Thank you!
It’s perfect and will be put to good use!

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Fabulous thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. I’ll hopefully get some business cards printed now.

Talking business cards it seemed appropriate to include the new logo information here also …


Too bad the format provided is basically impossible to use. A JPG would be easier. Tried to insert the logo into my email signature and it just doesn’t work.

here you go: JPG format!

I’m quite a technophobe but managed….however I had to get Vistaprint to help me with the actual design of my card! :wink:


I finally sat down and made some simple cards using our names, the THS logo (the png file worked fine for name), and a QR code to our profile.

I also made a set with just our names and email addresses and a QR link to my blog for people we meet along the way who aren’t interested in our THS profile.

I used a business card template in Pages on my MacBook and printed them off on card stock and cut them up myself. Not planning to take a ton so ~20 of each will be enough I think.

Thanks for the nudge to finally get this done. :slight_smile:

I got 500 printed! :flushed:

I can’t decide which smiley to use @Smiley
Good job!:+1:t3: