Business card with your profile/listing link

Thank you. We do have Vistaprint in the UK too.

I’m revisiting this as I think that if I get some cards printed they should have the TH logo. @Angela-HeadOfCommunity can you link this to the appropriate person at TH to get on the case please? I think it would be really useful. I don’t want to just print off a card without authority to use TH logo etc. This am I was telling another lady dog Walker about TH and she passed me her phone to input my details. Thanks for your help


That is a very good idea @Smiley !

I also talk a lot about THS when I walk dogs while dog-sitting and I often give my personal card but it would be useful to have a “pet-sitting” card. Maybe that could be something THS could sell to its members @Angela-HeadOfCommunity ?

Not sure about ‘selling’ the cards as we’d be helping promote TH. I doubt it would be difficult to add a template on the website that we can use to fill in our details and print at Vistaprint or elsewhere

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Yes I understand @Smiley. I just thought that I have to buy cards anyway (I always have some in my purse, cause I still find useful to give / received cards) so why not buying them from THS, instead of Vista or elsewhere ?

In the same kind of though, I recently engraved a medal with my mobile phone number because the dog I was taking care of was a “run-away” dog. And I though it would be nice to purchase it from THS, with the logo or a sentence saying “This is my dog-sitter’s phone number”. It would explain why the dog had 2 medals - One with his name and his owner’s number, and -One with his dog-sitter number but no name on it.
I think THS as a business may need some incomes and for me it would be a useful goodie to buy and use.


Hi @Smiley I will look into this for you when the team are back online. Thank you for your feedback also @Françoise-et-Youn

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I also have a supply of them and always carry a couple in my wallet to hand out to people when they inquire about the organization.

But wouldn’t the dog sitter change, or do you mean you’re the dog sitter so you take your medal to each sit?

Thanks Angela. Helpful as always :smiley:

Yes @Smiley this is exactly what I do : I’m the dog-sitter and I settle my medal to every dog I take care of.


That’s a great idea

Hi @Smiley I have asked our designer & will update you when I have any news.


Thank you Angela, let’s hope it doesn’t take too long.

Hi @Smiley … logos and business cards.

Charlotte our wonderful designer has designed a Special THS Member logo I’m not going to reveal here as Danielle our Content Manager is putting the designs in a blog post with links to the PDF & Digital versions so that all members will have access and use to create cards if they want to …

We listened, we heard, we delivered :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s great Angela, thank you for passing on the message to Charlotte. I look forward to seeing the designs and getting a box of cards printed to start handing out to people and proactively promoting TH.
Will it be easy to pass on to printers, or even get it done myself as previously suggested? I only have an iPad and iPhone, no laptop or desktop computer.
You really are an asset to TH!
Thanks again!
Sheryl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @Smiley Charlotte has produced the correct format to pass to printers … and as soon as the blog is ready we will upload to the website and also on the forum.


Super, can’t wait! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Trying again. Finally got round to printing business cards. I used Vistaprint - over £40 including delivery for 500 - more than I expected to pay but if 1 or 2 people join via me then I figure I’ll get some free months of membership, so worth the outlay.

Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and @Snowbird


@Smiley If you feel that your homeowner is happy with how you’ve handled the sit, consider asking if they’d like to keep a few cards, in case their friends ask. It makes things easier for them, and they should be great promoters on your behalf. :grinning:


Good idea :blush: