Sitter's Business Cards?

I know that THS used to provide business cards for sitters. I’ve written to the marketing department and enquired but have received no response.

Searching this forum on the topic leads me to believe these are no longer available, and that we have to make our own.

Is this the case? if so, could anyone recommend a UK-based online business card printing service?

They would be incredibly useful to hand out to other dog owners in the park, and neighbours/friends of HOs.

Many thanks!

We got ours from Vistaprint -

You may be interested to read these threads is also good if you fancy some funky ones :raised_hands:t3:

I got mine from Vistaprint also

Thanks guys. I’m not sure where to link to my profile - I mean what HOs would see (if they are already THS members). I see ‘profile preview’ but how to find the link to my profile?

Obviously, if people are not THS members, I can give them the ‘refer a friend’ link.

PS Am I the only one who finds the UX/UI of the app and web edition clunky and unintuitive? I wish they would get in some experts to really enhance the user experience.