Meet up in Chicago Sept 10-Oct 6

We are in Chicago petsitting until Oct 6th. If anyone is in the area, please reach out.

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Hi @Joanne another great location for a meet-up :+1:t2: … I hope there will be other members in Chicago for your dates fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: :blush:

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Hi Joanne,
I may be there this coming Saturday-Monday for Riot Fest (going on Sunday, I think!).

Hi @Katie let me know if you have any free time. Enjoy Riot Fest. Thanks!


I’m based in Chicago and recently joined. My first sit is in Nov. I’m happy to meet up or show you around town a bit.


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Hey @MichelleB. Thanks for reaching out. We are here for another 3 weeks. Would love to connect if you have the time. We are near the marina on Belmont, and often take walks on the lakefront trail.

You’re close to Maison Marcel, on Broadway; one of my favorite brunch cafes in the city.

You should try to get brunch here sometime. Also, if you like baked goods, check out Molly’s cupcakes.

Maison Marcel

Molly’s cupcakes

(I’m HO, also in Chicago)

You came at a good time! Weather has been beautiful :heart_eyes:

Edit: almost forgot about La Crêperie

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Thanks for the tips @wendy_chicago. The weather has been Amazing!!!

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A few more things!
Depending on what you’re into, across from La Crêperie is the Landmark theater and they play some really cool indie movies and documentaries.

If you walk south on the lakefront in Lincoln Park, you could check out the hidden Lily pond next to the Zoo. Across from that is Peggy Baert Nature Museum which I loved visiting when I lived in that area (around Broadway and Belmont) about 15 yrs ago and also spent a lot of time in the North Pond and the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

I’m almost sure the HO’s of where you’re staying probably gave you similar tips.
Also if you eat meat, you must try the Small Cheval burgers in old town. :ok_hand:t2:

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Thanks @wendy_chicago

Apologies for being unavailable. I enjoyed RF and didn’t have much free time due to (remote) work commitments. Hope you enjoyed Chicago.