New Orleans Meet up Aug 18 - 28

Hello lovely peeps! I’ve been accepted for a sit in New Orleans in August. If anyone is in the area between Aug 18 & 28 & would like to meet up, maybe do a swamp tour together (that would be fun) or anything fun, let me know.
Cheers & enjoy, where-ever you are in the world.
Cathy :slight_smile:


Hi @cath_the_explorer and thank you for arranging a meet up and in such a fab location too! I hope there will be other members in the area for your dates. :blush:

@Samox24 no worries! Can’t hurt to put it out there. It would be such a fun place to meet some fellow sitters. :+1::blush: Any tips would be great too for peeps that have already been. :blush:

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@cath_the_explorer I am from New Orleans and visit often, but probably won’t be going down there during your dates. FYI, it will be really hot in late August and it is during hurricane season, so make sure they have crates for the pets and that you discuss an emergency plan with your host- although it is very unlikely that you will need it. Depending on what section of the city you will be staying, Cafe Du Monde in city park is a great meet up place, because it is pet friendly, in a beautiful park with easy parking and assessable by public transit. Plus they serve beignets and they also don’t care if you hang out there for a long time. If you want to PM me with more about what section of the city you will be in, if you will have a car and things you like, I will be happy to send you lots of suggestions. Have a great time!

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@southernsitter. Thank you for the information, i’ll be sure to ask the owners about the crates & emergency plan. I’ll also send you a PM with what area I’m staying in & we can chat more, when I figure out how too lol. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: