Meetup in Lisbon, Portugal October 8th - 14th

We will be in Lisbon and would love to meet up for a drink with anyone that lives there or happens to be there during this timeframe. Happy to travel to a city around Lisbon to meet as well.


Hi @Peg, I love the idea of all these meetups in various cities. If you are traveling to a new area, maybe as a single sitter or even a couple, it can get lonely when you are there for an extended stay. What a great way to connect with other sitters, forge new friendships, get valuable insight in the area, and possibly have a great play date with all the furbabies! I would love it if each major city/metropolitan area had folks wanting to get together like this…even if just for lunch or a drink!


Looking a sit in the area for the dates. For the time not lucky, getting denied. But if it happens, I would love to.

@Grandma - Good luck we’d love to meet you.