Meetup Opportunities - Europe

Use this topic to arrange meetups in Europe - we will create topics by country or major cities as this category evolves. (The UK has a separate thread)

A few guidelines:

  • Please keep this thread on topic so members can easily see places and dates
  • Don’t post personal information such as emails or phone numbers - they will be removed
  • Make your detailed arrangements via the forum MESSAGE option
  • Don’t use or reveal your house-sit accommodation as a place to meet


Please use the following template:

1st line - Country, Location and region/department/cantons or equivalent
2nd line - Specific dates or a date range

We are so looking forward to seeing our members enjoying time together and sharing their love of pets and travel!

Happy meetups!


Gran Canaria (Playa del Ingles), Canary Islands, Spain
Now until Feb 22

We have extended our stay so will be here in Gran Canaria ( Playa Del Ingles )until February 22nd. Let us know if you are here also during that time and are interested to meet up :grinning:


Granada, Andalucia, Spain
Now until end of Feb 22

I’m in Granada, Spain until the end of February. Not currently on a sit, I’m here taking an intensive Spanish course so I will definitely be applying for more sits in Spanish speaking countries soon! If anyone is close and fancies meeting up over a beer and tapas let me know!


We have quite a mixture of travel plans for our summer overseas. Adventures by sea and by land, until we return to the US early September.

Barcelona, Spain - May 4
Copenhagen, Denmark - May 15 & Sept 1
Rome, Italy - May 20 & June 20

A little wiggle room around those dates, so please reach out if you happen to be in the area.


Lisbon, Portugal: Till the end of April
Porto, Portugal: May 8 - June 28
Javea, Spain: July 7 -July 28 & Sept 12 - Sept 25

Moved to Portugal last fall and will Housesit around the EU for awhile. Love to meet for coffee and conversations when we are not traveling (if you can catch us) :sunglasses:


Location: Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal
Dates: Feb 15-22

I’ll be in Lisbon, staying in Alfama, from Feb 15-22 if you’d like to grab coffee and talk travel/pets. :slight_smile:

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@Vanessa-ForumCMgr Oh, thanks for doing this, Vanessa.

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Hi @LynKinn - great to see you utilizing the meeting category here. We do however, (as this is a private forum) ask for your own safety, that you don’t post personal emails in the thread but instead use the direct messaging option to make arrangements with members you’ve connected with. I’ve removed your email from the post and if you need help with direct messages this post will help. Look forward to seeing some meetup pictures in the future!! :family_man_man_girl_girl:

How to send a direct message in forum

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@Edith @LynKinn @Therese-Moderator - A bottle of wine each! - I want to be you friend :rofl:

Nice, France
March 19 - April 23

I’m going to be doing a glorious 5 weeks of nesting on my own in my favorite city. Anyone in the area?

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I am nesting Marmaris-Turkey. Mid May to Mid June.
Anybody for time off.

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Hola from Valencia. I have a long stay here from May 9th through the 30th. I would enjoying meeting someone in the area just to chat. I am finding the language barrier a little challenging at this time, especially navigating the city. Please let me know if you are interested in meeting.

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I need a new space to start.

Hello from Spain. I will be in Barcelona July 12 -24. I don’t have a sit there yet so I am available to meetup to possibly explore the city together or just have coffee.


Sweden, Stockholm (Djursholm)
26th June - 2nd August

Hej hej any sitters or pet owners nearby to meet for fika and walks, let me know!



Where about will you be staying Evag008?

Hi I am in Brussels on a pet sit of three dogs until 27th July so if anyone is in the area or will be abs wants to meet up for catch up do send me a post.

I am 54 yr old male pet sitting solo from Australia currently on my 3rd of 6 back to back pet sits that is taken me to Europe and UK

Prague - October 11 to 14.
Who is here?