Meetup in Boston Oct 26 - Nov 8

If you are sitting in the area or live in Boston let’s get together. My first visit, very excited!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States - 26 Oct - 08 Nov 2022


Congrats on your first sit @ExploreDreamDiscover :hugs: Boston is a wonderful city with so much to see and do. One of my favorite places to visit is the North End. Their Little Italy area has delicious food and cute cafes. What kind of pets will you be sitting while you’re there?


I also discovered the Polish Prince while I was out exploring the Copley Square Farmers Market and they had the BEST pierogis! My mom is Polish so I grew up eating her handmade pierogis and these were just as good. Highly recommend :yum:


@Julie-Moderator not my first sit but my first trip to Boston. For two weeks. One kitty cat. : )

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Oh lovely! Enjoy every minute of it :hugs: be sure to post some pictures of the kitty and your adventures! Have fun!

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Pierogis, yum!

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OK you two @ExploreDreamDiscover @Julie-Moderator please share more about pierogis! Savory, sweet? This is a new one for me! They look like mini Cornish pasties :slight_smile:


@Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr there are many different kinds of pierogis depending what you stuff inside them, so they can be savory or sweet. A traditional Polish pierogi is typically stuffed with mashed potatoes, onions, and cheese. Many other countries have their own versions.


@HeatherAni I’ll be cat sitting for my 1st visit to Boston. Happy to meet up if you are interested.
Ann Marie

Anyone in Boston want to meet up October 26th - Nov 8th? I’ll set something up.
Ann Marie

Possibly! It would depend on the day. I’ll be in between house sits then. Going from Maine to Syracuse NY.

Possibly! What are your dates and where (general neighborhood)? I only a bit outside the city.


@kathrynmaria @HeatherAni

I arrive October 26th. Staying until November 9th.
I’m going to Salem 10/30 but the rest of the time I’ll be in the Boston area. Pretty flexible if there are some dates that work. I think I can travel most places with public transportation.

Boston Meetup
Saturday November 5th
@2 p.m.

Kohi Coffee Company
at The Revolution Hotel
40 Berkeley St
Boston, MA 02116

For pet sitters and Homeowners