London Meetup for a special meal - crayfish boil

We had 2 great meetups in London over the last month.
I’m around until Sept 10 and would like to propose another.
I’ve just participated in 2 amazing EatWith meals
A Nepalaese dinner - (no more this year, unfortunately.)
and a Pan-Asian brunch - - highly recommend. It’s brunch, but you won’t need to eat dinner.
Pictures of the meals posted in the whose on a sit thread.
had delicious food and some new flavors and met some locals (and shared the opportunities that TH provides - already sent the referral link to a brunch partner from today).

Anyhow - there is a crayfish boil open for booking on eatwith on 6 Sept - I’m booked for it, can I convince anyone to join me? I grew up eating crayfish in New Orleans and will be happy to teach you how to eat them!

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Thanks for sharing the info about Eatwith. I’m going to try to get to one of their meals while I’m in London.

I would have loved to join the crayfish boil on September 6, but I’m only here for a short stay.

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@tomi, what a great idea! I think all these meetups taking place are a great way to keep our family at TrustedHousesitters growing more and more…and there is nothing like forging new friendships across the the World. Can’t wait until I can be a part of doing some of this.

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@toml Great Idea. Unfortunately I’m in Italy for a sit then.
Hopefully will catch a London meetup soon.

Not for me thanks Tom and I’ll have my hands full anyway that day with 2 Goldendoodles and a cat near Oxford. It was great to meet you and hopefully can meet up again when you’re over here. All the best!

@toml I wish we were there so we could see you again. You took such great care of our little girl when you stayed with her…we have talked about you often.

I hope you are able to find a group to enjoy the crayfish boil as it sounds like a blast!