Meetup Opportunities - Australia

For anyone coming to Brisbane, Queensland, please let me know. I can meet up with you if I’m not away house sitting :slight_smile: regards, Jenny (Scarborough 4020)

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Hi there from a member in Melbourne. Would appreciate connecting with others.

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Hi @anon27523372, I’ll be in Brighton 11 - 18 March. DM me if I’ll be near you. I’m happy to connect with you.


Hi @Crookie. We will be in Brisbane from 12 April through the end of September. Would love to connect if you are around.

Hi @anon1411559 happy to meet up. We will be away in WA when you arrive, back home on 20 April. DM when you get settled in and we can plan a catch up. Regards, Jenny

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Sounds good. Will get back in touch when I arrive back from interstate.

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Bicheno, Tasmania
20-29 March 2022

Neerim South, Victoria
11 July-12 August 2022


Altona, Victoria
14-19 April 2022

Welcome back @anon27523372 … it must feel good to be back!

Send pics of the footy game :grinning: :soccer:

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Would love to! My team lost but won the following week. I am keen for a Sydney sit later in the year with the family so I can attend one 80 minute game.

Bicheno, Tasmania
Now to 29th March, 2022

Anyone sitting in Tasmania, Australia at the moment? We are currently at Bicheno and happy to catch up if you are close by. We fly home from Hobart on 30 March in the afternoon. Regards, Jenny & David (Scarborough Qld)

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Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Weekend of 16th April

Perfect. Hopefully some sitters will want to meet up in Melbourne on the weekend of the 16th April…

Hi @anon27523372 I’ll be about in Melbourne (Caulfield) from 10 - 21 April.

Would a Saturday catch up in the afternoon be okay?

Location: Hawthorne, Brisbane
12th April - 16th September

We’ll be in Brisbane (Hawthorne) from 12 April to 16 September if anyone is around.

@Crookie, I’ll be touching base with you after the 20th :grinning:.

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Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile: have a great flight

Unfortunately I’ll now be spending time then with family for an Easter catch-up @anon27523372

Neerim South, Victoria
From now until 11 August (we fly home on 12 August)
If anyone is in about an hour’s drive away, we are happy to meet up at a halfway point for a coffee.

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