Meetup Opportunities - United Kingdom

That’s lovely Jo. I’ll settle in first and get in touch to arrange a meet.

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Hi Debbie
I’ll get in touch when I’m there. As Cheltenham is my ‘home’ I’ve a lot of things organised but will try to meet up.


Hi Joanne
At the moment I am free during your Edinburgh dates. if you fancy meeting up in Edinburgh, or a wee visit slightly further afield.
Please feel free to PM


@fyfie thanks so much for reaching out. We would love to set up a time to meet. So looking forward to our time caring for two sweet kitties, in your lovely part of the world.

We will be in touch

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Location – multiple around the UK

Will be sitting in the UK starting 2 April through 15 May

Hitchin - 3 - 15 April
Worcester - 16 - 23 April
Midhurst - 23 - 27 April
Laughton - 27 April - 13 May

Hope to connect!


Wow! I’m in Laughton until 16 April. What a shame our dates don’t coincide

At the end of May we are going to North Berwick - then cycling via Roslin, Edinburgh - up the East coast of Scotland - via Black Isle and hopefully to Orkney - and maybe Shetland.
So if anyone on here lives/sits en route and sees two heavily laden cyclists toiling along - we would love a cuppa!
Happy to stop and chat, or do a couple of hours gardening - or even short last minute sits…
We should be flying the Devon flag!! Ric and Jo


I live in Edinburgh and would be happy to give or meet with you for a cuppa if I am around. I have sits booked in June.
I have visited all of your destinations with the exception of Shetland. it is on my list.
Orkney is amazing and full of historical and archaeological sites. Been so many times.


Hi Fyfie, I will email you nearer the time then - we actually cycle into Edinburgh on the 23rd May - staying in Dalry for 3 nights - so we can soak up the Edinburgh culture! Then set off cycling proper… cheers, jo

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Looks like you’ll get to know Brighton then!

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I’m in Hitchin until Friday, 15 April but was planning to spend Thursday local. Want to meetup Tuesday or Wed, 12 or 13 April?
Don’t know what you are sitting with but there are loads of coffee shops in Hitchin that welcome dogs inside.

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No probs, hope you enjoyed Sussex anyway, enjoy your travels.

Stamfordham (England) - 30mins drive from Newcastle
30 Apr - 2 May

My first pet sit - 3 cute spaniels! :slight_smile:


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Cambridge, UK
May 1 - May 7

If you are in the area and wish to meetup in city center please let me know.

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Tenby, Pembrokeshire, South Wales
May 28th - June 5th 2022

Happy to meet other sitters or pet owners in the area for a drink or dog walk and chat.


7th May - 14th May Sheffield
14th May - 18th May Peckham, London
18th May - 8th June - Leeds
8th June - 17th June - Royston, Barnsley
17TH June -16th July - Brighton
16th July - 29thJuly - Hove, Brighton
27th July - 1stAugust - Brighton
1st Aug - 10th Sept - Portslade Village, Brighton
10th Sept - 18th Oct - Brighton

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Wow, nice work on back to back sits!


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