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@Debbie @Samox24 @smiley and anyone else who will be in the Cotswold area at the end of May.

Just thought I’d move our chat about a meet up into this thread instead.

We are in Chipping Campden from May 23-31. We will have to wait until we set up at the sit before we can confirm a meetup time and place. It will depend on our pet’s needs etc but I don’t see why we can’t find a way to meet before you leave on the 27th.

We are also in:

Leafield June 1-8
Cirencester June 9-15

In case anyone else is in the are at that time.

I will definitely be able to meet you during your Cirencester dates if for some reason we can’t make the May dates work.

It’s always easier to organise once you’re on the housesit and know the pets needs and routine. We can get in touch then

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We cannot do the 23rd or 24th but we are hopeful for either the 25th or 26th May circs depending


Sorry, I leave Gloucestershire on 17 May for Shropshire and from 26 May will be volunteering at the Hay Festival. Enjoy your meets


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My next pet sitting experience is in Edinburgh and I can meet on 4th-9th June if anyone is there the same time! :slight_smile:

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Teignmouth, Devon - now till 20 June

Just a reminder. I’m sitting 2 cats in Teignmouth, Devon until 20/6 if anyone is nearby would love to meet up.

aww. I missed your message as I hadn’t logged on to the forum for a wee while. I hope you had a good time in Edinburgh. :scotland: :smiley:

@fyfie it was a great pet sit! The doggie was so cute and great that I was almost crying saying bye to him!

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It’s such a wrench leaving some of the animals….

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Hey all.

Myself (nita) and Sam are in Cambridge until September 2022.

Let us know if you’re passing by or sitting here local, would be great to meet up and swap stories/ journeys. P.s. I love cooking and coffee! :smiley:


Hello hello…
32 days left in England :frowning:
Will be in the London area (Beckenham and Bromley)
29 June - 12 July
21- 27 July

Southend on Sea UPDATE whoops scratch that. Just got invited to go back to the farm in Wales! Apparently the seedlings I planted when I was last there are being harvested and I’ve been ask to partake while they go kayaking. :star_struck:
13-20 July

What are we doing, where and with who?
Feel free to DM


Here we go then.
When not on a sit we are based in Northwest Leicestershire, always happy to meet up.
Up coming sits.
Near Hadleigh, Suffolk. 07 - 18 July.
" Hartley - Wintney, Hampshire. 22 Jul - 05 Aug.
" Shaftesbury, Dorset. 19 Aug - 04 Sept.
" Lydney (Forest of Dean) Gloucestershire. 15 - 20 Sept.
" Basingstoke, Hampshire. 30 Sept - 09 Oct.
" Bedale, Yorkshire. 30 Oct - 16 Nov.
We look forward to hopefully meeting up with other sitters.
Rob & Lynne


I’m in Northamptonshire from today until 18th July if anyone else is in the county?

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August 1 -10 in Clifton Downs
August 10 - 17 in Birmingham
August 18 - September 1 in Bath
Sept 2 - 7 Bedford
September 7 - 26 in Barnham
Let me know if you are interested in meeting up. Happy travels everyone.


I live in Oxford as well :grinning:

I think someone said they were in Abingdon…?

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@Wavingfish I wanted to see whether the magnifying glass search would work for this and it did. Here’s your answer. :slightly_smiling_face: If you do the same search, you can then click on the title of the post and connect with the member. I’m sharing as the members who posted may not see your post otherwise.

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I’ll be back!

We will be sitting in Kent, mid way between Maidstone and Hastings,
Aug 28 - Sep 4 (and nearby for the 3 days before the sit starts)
if anyone is sitting nearby and wants to meet up.

Also, down in L’isle Sur la Sorgue, France from Sep 6-20 (not sitting though).


Not too sure about that unless a typo? Colin is in two places at the same time:
27th, 28th and 29th…

16th July - 29thJuly - Hove, Brighton
27th July - 1stAugust - Brighton