Meetup - Vancouver, BC (and area)

Hi all,

Anyone going to be in the Vancouver area in the next little while? Interested in meeting up?

My husband and I are going to be in North Van, East Van, and Cloverdale in September and October. Maybe we could meet at a park, or shift to a cafe if the weather is poor.

Hi @Sitandsat and thank you for starting a meet up. I hope there will be other members in the Vancouver area that can meet up with you during September and October :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Sitandsat: Where are you coming from? I live in a suburb of Vancouver so would also be happy to meet up. My son lives in East Van so would be happy to meet up in that area. I’ll be away on a cruise from October 7-24 but otherwise available September/October. I haven’t actually driven since moving back to Vancouver so ride the skytrain/public transit everywhere.

Hi Globetrotter. Currently we’re van-lifing in North Vancouver on the evenings/weekends, and I work in Surrey during the week. Mid-September (13th to 17th) we’ll be doing a housesit in East Van. Looks like you’re in New West, according to your profile?

Yes I’m in New West.

Okay cool. Let’s wait a bit and see if anyone else can join. Then we can figure out where to meet. Sometime in September would be good, or early October.

Sounds good!

We are from Vancouver but no longer have a base. Due to family connections, we’re there frequently, but not at the moment. We’ll return to Vancouver late on September 25 and leave again on October 1. Would be happy to meet up if it works out in that period.

Sounds great. Let’s plan for sometime that week. Where will you be coming from?

My husband and I could do anytime on the 26th, and afternoons/evenings would work from the 27th to 30th. We will be coming from Lynn Valley. Maybe we can nail something down closer to.

Any preferred day for you, @Globetrotter?

We’re coming into the Lower Mainland from Oliver where we are housesitting. We’ll be vanlifing (driveway surfing) in Burnaby for 6 nights before heading across the border. North Van works as does pretty much anything else. We’ll have our car and bikes as well so easy to get around. We’ll be meeting up with a b-i-l who is coming from Spain to visit his (and Ken’s) mom (in Yaletown). We’ll need to sort out with him where he wants to be as well. My preference would be to pick a 27-30th afternoon/evening so it’s not our first day with him. But we can probably adapt to whatever works for the rest of the group.

Thanks for herding the cats!

Ken and Coral

Hi - I’m free from the 27-30th except the evening of the 28th and have an appointment in Burnaby from 4-5 on the 29th. Somewhere in downtown Vancouver would be best for me - as mentioned I live in New West but whatever works best for the group.

Downtown could work. Parking is always a bit tricky for us down there with our van, but it could work. Any suggested spots?

I was also thinking Trout Lake might be a good option. And if the weather is poor we could hit up a cafe nearby (looks like there are a couple).

The later afternoon or early evening of the 27th (Wednesday) would be great for us. That date/time sound good with everyone? @lifephasenext

Trout Lake area works great for me too as I can hop the skytrain and get off at the Commercial Station. There’s loads of coffee shops all along Commercial Drive as well. Afternoon or early evening on the 27th works well for me too. Shall we see how the weather is closer to the date and then decide exactly where to meet up?

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We can do anywhere, but will have to do a “we’ll see” on the afternoon/evening of the 27th. The reason we’ll be back in Vancouver for a few days is for an eye treatment for my spouse, and he often looks a bit freaky after it’s done for about 24 hours. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We’d love to join, but will have to wait to be sure on that afternoon.

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you all know I’ll start a private group chat here later today for us to confirm the time and place we’re meeting, and how we can spot each other.

If anyone else is interested/available in meeting up, please comment and I’ll add you to the chat!

Looking forward to connecting :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m in the Seattle area for a couple months and am hoping to get up to Vancouver at some point. I’d love to meet other sitters!

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Sounds good!

You know, I was thinking, we could try for a different day this week if that makes things easier for you + spouse, @lifephasenext, and if you have the flexibility, @Globetrotter. :thinking: Thoughts?

My husband and I could do any afternoon or evening this week.

It would be great to meet up, @systaran! If you can’t make it this week, we can definitely try for another one.

I’m quite busy next week as I have a couple of out of town visitors coming and I’m heading of on a cruise the following week but that’s ok - please proceed with any get together you plan and I will try and attend if possible. Thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, to clarify, I was wondering if you could be flexible to meet up on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday this week (28th, 29th, or 30th) if that happened to be better for @lifephasenext and spouse. If not, we can stick with meeting tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th :slightly_smiling_face: