Meow from Sunny Los Angeles

My husband and I are new to this platform. A friend of ours highly recommended it, so we are very relieved to know that there is a global community and support base for pet lovers and owners. As cat parents we are looking forward to giving this a go!



Hello! I am new here as well but excited to become a sitter! I try to get out to LA a couple times a year so maybe our times would line up if you need someone! Here is a pic of my own sweet pumpkin, Bagel, as he is helping me pick out a YouTube video. :smile:


Hello @NataliaFH and @Afry. Welcome to the community forum, and thanks for jumping in to join the conversations. It’s great that you both share your homes and lives with cats – the smug, cuddly creatures they can be. :slight_smile: Because, of course, they rule the world (at least their own) :wink:

@Afry please let us know if you’d like help becoming a TrustedHousesitters member. We’d love to have you join us.

Happy travels to you both!

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Thank you! I am exploring the site a bit and hoping to sign up soon!