Messaging & Applications

Hi Ben

This is not an original idea , it’s been suggested many times but I’m not sure if it’s been picked up on by the Product team . Directly related to messaging and applications .

:bulb: Idea
Option for homeowners to tick that they are happy to be messaged by sitters - this option is available for external referees but not THS members.

Improvement that you would to see

•Reduce the number of unsuitable applications homeowners receive.

•Fill more sits that currently go unfilled.

:person_facepalming: Top frustration that you have
There is currently no way for a sitter to contact a homeowner unless they apply to a listing that has live dates.
There are numerous valid reasons why Sitters may need to contact a homeowner before submitting an application ( e.g. need to find out exact location / ask about something that is not covered or is unclear in the listing/ sitters that can’t do whole sit but are available for part of it ) •If homeowners have the option to opt into this no one who doesn’t want sitters contacting them will receive messages .