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@Laur I am not doing anything with my calendar. THS automatically strikes the dates that I have a confirmed sit, that is all.

I am retired, there are lots of dates that I might be available. In fact I just applied for a few days in Denmark, near a good museum.

That does not mean that I am “available” in my own town (unless they are people that I knew, or otherwise seemed very nice). And certainly I am not available in Minnesota - too expensive, too much trouble to go there.

At this point any update that is delayed it is a good news.

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Yes to all the suggestions you made @Brodie !

It was my understanding that sitters could mark the dates they are willing to sit in blue so homeowners could have an idea of their availability. I am new to THS, maybe I misunderstood the calendar system. Thanks for your response.

Hi @Cuttlefish

Good question, and I’m happy to say that @Carla and I will be collecting the information and feedback on this thread, in much the same way that we’re doing with product updates, and we’ll report back with any info that we can, after the feedback has been reviewed.

Jenny :slight_smile:

Hi @Cuttlefish

I am still here monitoring the threads, just working hard in the background! So Jenny & Carla will be helping answer questions. Any further feedback on messaging and the application process within the Trusted Housesitters platform please feel free to add it here.

Thanks, Ben

Hi Ben

This is not an original idea , it’s been suggested many times but I’m not sure if it’s been picked up on by the Product team . Directly related to messaging and applications .

:bulb: Idea
Option for homeowners to tick that they are happy to be messaged by sitters - this option is available for external referees but not THS members.

Improvement that you would to see

•Reduce the number of unsuitable applications homeowners receive.

•Fill more sits that currently go unfilled.

:person_facepalming: Top frustration that you have
There is currently no way for a sitter to contact a homeowner unless they apply to a listing that has live dates.
There are numerous valid reasons why Sitters may need to contact a homeowner before submitting an application ( e.g. need to find out exact location / ask about something that is not covered or is unclear in the listing/ sitters that can’t do whole sit but are available for part of it ) •If homeowners have the option to opt into this no one who doesn’t want sitters contacting them will receive messages .


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to make you all aware of an update from the Product team, about a survey that participants in this discussion might find interesting!

Head here to take a look, and use this thread to share your thoughts if needed.



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Is this an adaptation of the survey that was deployed earlier with a different look to it? I did the sample survey and I would swear some of the questions are the same (no questions about income level though). The interface of how to answer the questions is more user-friendly, and I do appreciate the ability to add comments.

Hi @belluca :slight_smile:

This is a separate survey asking questions about a particular part of the Pet Parent journey within the messaging and app, so it’s not related to the earlier survey.

The questions asked relate to the appearance of this screen:

We’re keen to know what Pet Parent members in particular would expect to see.

There may be some generic questions around the length of time as a member with THS, though.

It’s great to hear that you found the interface more user-friendly and appreciated the ability to add comments! I’ve fed that back to the team as they’ll be pleased to hear that.


It looks as if Louisa & Georgio are a couple that has been forced to open a second account to get around the no-overlapping rule :wink:


Pet parent?

Good spot @Twitcher - “Owner” should have been Pet Parent so I’ve updated my post accordingly. :slight_smile:

Some people don’t have pets and just want someone to take care of their home and plants. Maybe we can call them plant parents.

Pet parents
Plant parents
… and not forgetting furry home owners !!

As mentioned the this FAQ

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Well spotted @Colin :wink:

@Jenny The title of the thread you linked said: Calling All Owner members. I haven’t received a survey, although I do normally get all (?) THS emails.

Hi @CatsAndDog

I’m sorry - that’s my fault - I checked with the Product team and the survey is going out to a group, rather than all Owner members.

I’ve updated the post title to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for flagging this with me, I really appreciate it, and sorry again!


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Thanks @Jenny for the clarification!

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Hello everyone,

We’ve just posted a heads-up about another survey that some of you might receive this evening.

You can read more about it here.

Jenny :slight_smile: