Mobile site shut down my application saying five had been reached

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There have been many requests for a channel to leave feedback regarding the 5 pausing. THS has answered that request by providing a survey to all members who are actively using the platform. In the survey is a section for free text where members are able to leave as much feedback as they choose and we would encourage you to complete your survey when you receive it.

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Hello, @Breezylake I have found some further information regarding the applications which is likely to be applicable to your previous issue.

  • If you click apply when the listing has four applications and as long as you keep the application box open and do not navigate away then your application will be received and so will everyone else’s who has followed this process. This is currently happening and tech have seen listings with multiple applications received this way.
  • Make sure you apply when you see four applications and do not navigate away or close the window or let your browser time out.
  • However, if you click on apply at the exact same moment that the listing receives its final 5th application and goes into reviewing then you will still see the message box but will be unable to send the application.
  • So the difference is precise timing. If the 5 application is submitted as you open the application window you will not be able to reply as technically the 5 application has been received and the listing is already in reviewing.

I hope that helps clarify how the process works and can see that @Karen-Moderator is also assisting you further with this.

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@Breezylake the same thing happened to me yesterday, I did not contact THS as I doubted anything could be done regarding that particular sit.
Reading through the messages here it would appear that there are tech issues in running this 5 applicant limit. So, my question to THS - if you don’t have the ability to run a system as you’d like, why not revert to the previous system until such time as you can guarantee a new system works efficiently for everyone?


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