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I am grateful to have received the survey. I do not do surveys usually, because they come so fast and furiously these days from every direction, every latte, and scone, and truffle shop, but I felt this was crucial, because I am new, and have spent no less than 24 hours total reading the Forum to learn, and orient myself, going through Sitter Opportunities, and applying to 18 Sits in The UK, Scotland mostly, so far, and sharing what I can.

The survey is worth my time, to evolve this site and user-friendliness, and to allow for positive change. I am sad to see some mild hostility in some comments, as though this Trusted Housesitters Forum and Website Platform are not a triumphant endeavor we are all blessed to participate in.

To each their own. But, it is sad to me when someone won’t share their experience to help us all, but still mentions it.
I am here.

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I have not received the survey either and meet the criteria. I did receive another one not that long ago.


Same here. I tagged @Ben-ProductManager in another post about this today. My comment about not getting the survey was not addressed but the thread was closed allegedly because the questions were comprehensively answered. Those of us with questions about not getting the survey would not agree

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I tagged @Ben-ProductManager also and agree that our questions were not in fact answered as to why we hadn’t received the survey, as we qualify for it. Just being directed to the Update thread which I had read does not provide the answer; only reinforces we SHOULD have received the survey based on the criteria.

Hi @temba @Lassie Ben is offline at the moment and will respond when he is back.

Just flagging I haven’t received the survey.


Hi @Silverfox thank you I will follow up with the product team. Could you DM your membership status please?

I also have not received a survey.
What “status” does one need in order to receive it?
We are sitters AND pet owners.

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Will we be able to see results of the ongoing survey. I’m very intested in how other THS members feel about the 5 pause, and their experience. If I could see that the majority of members like it I would be less likely to voice my negative experience. Forum members that don’t have a good experience with it are vocal here but it’s my understanding that Forum members in favor of the 5 pause are not comfortable posting and wish the discussion of the topic to end.


Im only asking about seeing survey results


I haven’t received the survey. When I asked why I hadn’t received it I got a non-answer but clearly I won’t be getting it even though I qualify for their very narrow criteria. I suspect they will get the answers they want by such a narrow selection of respondents.

HI @keldinsmith I have just sent you a Direct Message regarding the survey.

Good day, @Angela_L We, too, meet the criteria but have not received a survey with multiple questions, as described in some of these posts.

We did receive a survey with only two questions. 1. Whether we’d recommend THS to others and 2. Asking why we rated our resonse to #1 as we did. That was a qualitative question with a box to write our response.

Thank you for any clarification possible.

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Hi @KenandMary1998 we are looking into this and working with the CRM team get this resolved and surveys sent.

Hi All,

The survey went to Pet Parents /Owners who have posted a sit over the last 6 months and to Sitters who have applied for a sit over the same six-month period.

If you have unsubscribed from emails you won’t have receives the survey.

For anyone who has not received the survey and would like to complete it here are the relevant surveys: Owner Survey and here is the Sitter Survey

Please have a look in your junk mail or just follow the links above. Apologies if you had not received the survey.

We will post an update and insights over the coming weeks.

Many Thanks


Yes, I also received the 2 question survey only

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Some of us @Angela_L have yet to receive that survey.

@Crookie @Lassie @Pips @HelloOutThere @Freebird @Silverfox @RoseC @temba @keldinsmith @KenandMary1998 @CatStaff @Kootenaigirl @Bluehorse @Myhnabird

Hi everyone … just making sure you get this message from Ben and the links to the surveys …


Thanks Angie! All done.

I saw the message, thanks. It is still concerning that we all had to work so hard to get the survey that we should have received initially.