Multiple applications

Hello, does anyone apply for multiple sits for the same dates? I am applying for sits for Summer 2023 to fit around already confirmed sits. As we (I sit with my husband) are nomadic now and rented out our home, we like to be sure we have somewhere to live whilst in the UK. We are open and honest about our nomadic status on our applications. We are lucky enough to be invited back for sits as we have bonded so well with the HO and the pets. I recently had to let one sit go as the HO needed confirmation asap and I was waiting for a previous HO to get back to me. I also missed out on applying for a sit in London that was perfect as I was reluctant to make another application for the same dates as others I had applied for, then the status suddenly changed to ‘reviewing applicants’ which at the time baffled me. I understand that now, once the HO gets 5 applicants, this happens.

Would love your opinion as sitters and HO on this please.


I have posted your question into another thread where there has been a lot of discussion.


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