Questions regarding applying procedures

Dear HO and sitters,
As this is my first time here on THS I would really appriciate some advice regarding applying for a sit.
Im looking at different possibilities to apply for a “catsit”, some of them are approximately same dates. how should I think? Should I apply for lets say, 3 sits at once or should I apply for one and wait for reply and if I get a no, apply for nbr 2…etc.
Really greatful for some advice!

Thanks in advance!

warm regards


Welcome @Hans

Theirs is usually only a 1 in 5 chance you’ll be chosen for a sit and as a newbie that is less . So apply for as many are suitable .

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Hi @Hans
Welcome to THS. It really would pay you to have a good read of the website and to search the forum as your question has been discussed before. @Silversitters has already helped find a thread for you.
Good luck!


Thanks so much for your advice and information!!

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Thanks for inform me, I appreciate that, thanks!