Must the sitter stay overnight at my flat?

As title, must the sitter stay overnight at my flat or I can find somebody nearby?

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What do you mean? Sitters would stay in your home normally.

I saw some sitters nearby. I don’t think they want to stay at my flat. Is it possible that they just come to take care of my pets?

That would be really rare. Do you want the sitter to stay at your flat? Or do you prefer them to stay at their own place?

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It’s possible, if they live locally, though I’m not sure how many people this would appeal to and it would be narrowing the pool of applicants quite significantly.

Hello @zimmermann2050 and welcome to the forum. In order to arrange pet care through the official TrustedHousesitters’ platform, you can’t organise day care visits.

This is what it says on the relevant help desk page:

Do Sitters offer Day Care?
No. Within the community we have a minimum of a one night sit. The reason for this is there is a mutual exchange between members. Sitters are sitting for free in exchange for free accommodation and the chance to spend time with some wonderful pets, and owners can go away with peace of mind knowing that their pets and home are being looked after.

Of course, if you choose not to use our services there are other options available for day care which you will find by searching online. If you decide to pay for a TrustedHousesitters membership and find a verified sitter you will benefit from ID checks, reviews and guidance for best practices. I’m assuming you don’t have dogs if you are considering drop in visits?

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I am wondering if I should prepare another room for them when they stay at my flat?

Hi @zimmermann2050 and welcome to the forum. As a sitter or pet parent with TrustedHousesitters, the premise is overnight sitting. Being gone at night is not the platform that was created as we strive to keep the pets in their natural home environment without undue stress put on them…Leaving a pet alone who is not accustomed to it can be extremely uncomfortable and stressful. With this being said, day sitting is not permitted through TrustedHousesitters. Even local sitters know they are to stay during the night and they are very happy to do so as it gives them opportunities to get away from their normal grind at home…some have construction going on, some have family members staying with them and it gives them a “break” from the routine.

I could not find your profile set up with TrustedHousesitters, and if you would like to join, please do so and you will be able to post your needed dates at that time.

Good luck!


Hello @zimmermann2050. Some homeowners have an extra, or guest, bedroom where sitters sleep, some don’t (in which case the sitters sleep in the homeowner’s bed). Either way, you want to be clear in your description which the sitter will sleep in, and you want the pictures in your listing to be of the rooms the sitter will be using (whichever bedroom they’ll be using, the kitchen, lounge/living- or family-room, bathroom, etc.) in addition to pictures of your pets.


Yes. Of course the sitter stays at your home. That is the deal.

If you don’t want that you need a pet sitter and have to pay for it.


You might get more detailed answers to your questions if you wrote a few sentences more…

It is up to you, and what you feel most comfortable with. As long as there is a comfortable bedroom for the sitter, it shouldn’t make much difference. It is fairly common for home owners not to allow access to certain rooms of the house.

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@zimmermann2050 as a sitter I’ve slept in/on everything from a granny annex to a sofa. You need to be clear of what you are offering any sitter. Best set expectations from the off.

I am shocked anyone would want to leave their pets alone overnight. That would be like leaving small children home alone.

How is that OK?!

One of my own previous dogs got into a room on her own and couldn’t get out again. Luckily she was only there for an hour or so. But from the mess the room was in when I got back, it was clear she had panicked. How would that have been acceptable if it was all night?

Also barking happens. And you say you live in a flat.

And fires happen.

I saw some sitters nearby. I don’t think they want to stay at my flat. Is it possible that they just come to take care of my pets?

I initially joined THS with the intention of hopefully taking on sits in my local area (to begin with) and staying at the pets property, for a much needed break from my own living arrangements, whilst also helping someone else out. I also love exploring parts of the city that I am less familiar with.

I do sometimes see sit opportunities for pets I’d love to meet and look after, but properties I wouldn’t want to stay at. I wouldn’t really consider THS to be the platform for looking for drop in pet care though.