Must the sitter stay overnight at my flat?

Hello @Pips and apologies for the slow response… I’m just back from vacation and catching up. To confirm, my understanding is exactly as I quoted from the Help Desk. Daycare is not an option.

From the response you got, it sounds like the owners have been contacted by membership support and now understand the daycare policy, and have changed their listing to cover overnight sitters instead.

I’ve had a quick look at the listing and there is no mention of day-care and they show bedroom pictures. This does sometimes happen, that members misinterpret the service offered, but once it is explained to them they are happy to have in home sitters stay to look after their pets - the best solution by far :heart_eyes_cat: :dog:

Thank you for registering this with membership services - it looks like a good outcome for all because of your help :pray:


Just spotted an owner looking for two day a week pet/house sit (no overnights). Isn’t this against THS rules? Maybe someone can contact them? I also sent to support@ths… but not sure best route for this sort of query.

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Thanks @LizBCN for bringing this to our attention. I sent a note about it to membership services. Thanks again for catching it and letting us know. :grinning:

Hi @LizBCN if you or any member comes across a listing that in your experience/opinion needs a little attention you can always forward the listing URL/details by Direct Message to one of the Admins … of course we don’t expect any member to take on the roll of “Listing Police” although same have taken to the “job” like the proverbial duck to water, and we really appreciate those who choose to help in the community. Thank you :clap: