One day care?

I’m very interested in using TrustedHousesitters. The fee seems very reasonable. My question is although we are interested in having someone to look after our three small dogs and Home whilst we are on a one week holiday. I’m also interested in maybe using this service for one day at a time, so we could travel to London for the day, is this potentially possible?

Thanks Mark

Only if there’s an overnight stay involved for the sitter @markhux :+1:t3:


Hello @markhux and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Just to clarify there would need to be an overnight stay minimum involved, this is an equal system whereby a sitter would stay whilst caring for your property and pets.

I am pleased to hear that you are thinking of joining and I have attached a video that you should find helpful :blush:

Also, remember you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask!

You have to consider the exchange you are offering

What would be the benefit to anybody to come to your house for the day and watch your dogs at their own effort and expense for free.

It doesn’t really make any sense - would you be willing to do that for a stranger?

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I think some people are under the impression that THS contracts with sitters and pays them.

I mean, we wouldn’t look after three dogs, period, but we did do a one day sit recently to bridge a gap between two sits. Saved us paying for London accommodation and we got another 5 star review.
Could be good for newer sitters.

@CoolCatAunt how does what you have said make sense? How does a one day sit save you any accommodation fees?

Do you mean you stayed for a night….

I’m not the one making assumptions, I’m simply asking a question. I value service and expect to pay people appropriately.

Thanks to all the the other members for their more constructive and less-blunt information, it was very helpful.

Rgs M


Yeah, I assumed they meant a one day/night sit as you can’t book a sit without staying the night.

Hi Mark,
If you are looking to pay people to look after your dogs, you want a service like Rover, not THS. Then you can get day care without an overnight stay.
The sitters on THS are not paid at all. In fact , it goes against the terms of service. So there needs to be another incentive for a sitter to want your sit.
Best of luck!

I can’t tell who you’re referring to, but if it’s me, you have misread the response. There have been people who’ve misunderstood how THS works, and have believed that THS pays sitters, and that that is what the membership fee covers.

Hi Mark,
I use Rover to hire sitters/dog walkers if I’m only gone during the day. Usually is about $20-30 per walk/visit where I’m at. I usually use the same 2-3 people because they’re very close, and my dog already knows them well.
Normally only need them to stop by 2-3 times. I also hire them for one night or two night sits. The reason I would rather use Rover now is because I think for short sits, in my experience, the people staying at my house want to explore the city rather than walk and look after my pet. So it doesn’t quite work for us with our little dog who needs to be walked every 4-5 hrs (they might be better suited for cat sits).
However as @CoolCatAunt mentioned, one day/sit works great if they’re traveling in between cities.
For the most part Ive had great experiences with THS - I think it works well for longer time away like 3+ days.

@CoolCatAunt it sounds like your one day sit included a night which is an entirely different scenario. THS requires a minimum one night for a fair exchange. The OP seems to be talking about an unpaid day job with no overnight.

Yep, I gathered that.

For incomprehensible reasons, the THS software does not stop an HO from doing this.

I recently saw a listing with two “sits” like this 16-16 september and 17-17 september I think it was. And a weeklong sit after that.

The weeklong sit had applicants. The day sits had of course zero applicants. How can an HO believe this would be of any interest?

I should’ve said “It goes against THS policy to list a one day sit.”
Failing that, I should’ve deleted my comment altogether :joy:

Surprisingly @pietkuip I have seen applicants for day only sits, so obviously those sitters (and owners) are unaware it is not allowed.

The incredible thing is that the programmers are not aware that it is not allowed.

I would guess that the HO would get an error message when end date is before start date. (Can someone check?)

But the system does not stop them from entering the same date.

I quite agree that it is not automatically built into the program.

@pietkuip Instead we get an error message when we MIGHT have overlapping dates (but were all experienced and conscientious enough not to do that!). It gets down to priorities. I have no idea how the latest ‘enhancement’ makes them money, bit you can bet it does/will.

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