Pets care and home care

Hey! Do pet sitters can stay in our apartment as well while we are away?

Hello and welcome to the forum. That’s correct, sitters stay at your home (including over night), whilst caring for your pets. Hope you have a great experience and soon start to enjoy the many positives of being members.

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Welcome @Polinaknee.
Yes that’s the whole premise of trusted house sitters. The sitter looks after your pet(s) and home while you’re away.

Welcome @Polinaknee yes Trusted house sitters sitters look after your pets without charge in exchange for staying in your home .

This also means that your home is kept secure while you are absent and if there were any problems at the home (like a burst pipe ) the sitter would inform you immediately so you won’t come home to any problems .

Even if you don’t have pets , sitters will stay at your home to keep it secure .