How to view jobs?

Hello, My name is Brooke I am new here! Hi everyone! Wanting to make some extra income but am having trouble locating who needs help with house and pet sitting. Can anyone help?
thanks so much!

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Hi @brooketay9 and welcome to the forum - we’re pleased you’ve found our house sitting community and global TrustedHousesitters members.

Having taken a quick look at your account, it looks like you’ve added your email but haven’t yet selected and paid for a membership option. Once you’ve subscribed you’ll be able to apply to house sits, whereas at this stage you can only browse available options.

TrustedHousesitters offers a service that’s based on trust rather than the exchange of money, so it won’t be possible to charge for your services here. The idea is that you offer your pet care services in exchange for a place to stay.

Here’s a bit more about the process from the help desk and the blog:

You’ll likely get more tips from other members, but if you still need help tomorrow we’ll jump back in to help you. All the best, Vanessa

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