Advise on how to become a sitter

I want to become a house sitter, how do I go about it ? Thanks.

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Hi @EditNagy and welcome to the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I have attached a video explaining how it all works to help you get started along with some other additional information regarding membership and pricing.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and you can check to see if your questions have been asked before by clicking on the spyglass icon at the top of the page. :blush:


Hi @Samox24, thank you for your reply. I want to become a house sitter here in toronto canada, is there a way to do that without buying any membership? How are home owners verified, and how am I being verifyed by ‘trustedhousesitters’ ?Are there any houses to look after here in toronto? Many questions, but I find it a bit difficult to navigate the site, and find the place where and who I can ask these questions. Thank you.

You need to buy membership @EditNagy to be part of THS. If you don’t want to do that then most decent size towns and cities often have their own house and pet sitting FB pages you can join. They will want to see pics, references and experience on there too though. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hi @EditNagy my reply is exactly as @Cuttlefish has already mentioned and just to reiterate you would need to buy a membership to be part of THS.

You might want to bookmark this and use it to search for what you need:

Thank you Maggie8K for this link. My thought process is that I house sit first, earn money, and then buy a membership, but it seems that house sitting doesn’t pay. Am I correct? It just provides accommadations while pet sitting in the house. I am a bit confused, as I thought it pays as well, while looking after the house. (I wasn’t actually looking to pet sit, only house) It is my first time wanting to explore this so I am just asking for clarification. Thank you.

For what you want, this is the wrong site, because no sitter is ever supposed to expect or ask for money. Plus, most sits here involve pets. For what you want, check out Rover (if you’re willing to sit pets) or some other platform that pays for just house sitting.