Must I own my home to offer it to sitters?

Hello to all, from Berkeley, California!

I am very much interested in officially joining TrustedHousesitters, though I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question, which is: Is it a requirement that homes offered to sitters be owned (vs rented)? The language on the website characterizes those offering their houses to sit as “Homeowners”. I rent my home, so it’s not clear to me if TrustedHousesitters requires that we own our homes as a condition of membership.

Your insights appreciated!

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maybe it’s a house - vs - home thing? a house is a building. a home is what you make it :heart:


Hello @EleniS and welcome to the TrustedHousesitters forum. I’ve been a sitter with THS for more than seven years, and in that time have done quite a few sits where the homes were rented, so my answer from experience is that it’s not a problem.

However, I will mention that if you do join and you book a sitter, please make sure that the owner’s information is easily accessible when you’re away. I say that as I had an issue with one home and when I reached my pet owner (renter) it was difficult for her to explain where she had the contact information in the home. Although I would not have contacted the homeowners without the renter’s permission, I did end up having to connect with them and so did need that information.

Hi @EleniS @Snowbird gives great advice, the one other point is to inform/advise the owners/rental agency of your intention, just to make certain they are comfortable with the arrangement and that is doesn’t conflict with any rental terms you have.


Hi @EleniS. I do most of my Pet and House sits in SE Asia, and I think that 100% of the homes I have looked after have been rented. They tend to be ex-pats working or retired in the region so renting for a few years. I have never had any problems, on a few occasions where it may have been in a condo or in a gated community with security I have had to supply details such as a copy of my passport, or at least be introduced to the security people.

Thanks for the insight, Petermac!

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Thanks for this helpful advice!