MY big house sit adventure :)

Hello folks.
I am Bragi and I am from Iceland. I have now been house sitting for a few years ,started doing it only fall/winter and then working at home in summer. I have now retired and gone house sitting full time. I came over to England in August last year where I had a couple of repeater house sits waiting for me. At my first sit the HO even paid my travel cost all the way from Iceland to her place and then after the sit she even drove me to my next one taking her about 2-3 hours doing so and she also paid my grocery shopping. So even tho I did not have a sit from 12th. January to April thhis year I am loving it.I have now been almost fully booked since May and I have one sit in Spain so far in October and hoping for more sits there but would be thinking about coming back to UK.
This HS adventure has given me so much and I have a dream aboutthe future doing house sitting 3-4 months a year,traveling 3-4 months a year and then stay somewhere in Asia or somewhere like that the rest of the year. And when this covid thing gets better I would love to house sit all over the place :wink: :sunglasses:


Hi @Bravo1239, welcome to the Forum.

I have been sitting for 3 years now, mostly in SE Asia, so once restrictions end, you should consider house and pet sitting in that area. There are not so many sits, but also not so many sitters, so it is easy to get a number of longer sits - a month or more - across the region.

Good luck on your travels.


I will deffenatly be looking into that option. TY Peter.

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Welcome @Bravo1239. I am smiling ear to ear. It is a wonderful life isn’t it?


I just love it and so happy how well it is going for me. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Bragi!
Iceland is at the top of my list for when the world finally opens up! :- :smiley:)

Love your vision for your future!

The pandemic gave me an opportunity to pause and reassess my own travel future. I’ve been full-time traveling and housesitting since 2017, coming home to the States only a month each year to see family and take care of personal business. This year, I’m setting up a home base in my hometown of Chicago and plan to travel for 6-9 months of the year and spend the summers in my beloved city. I’m fully booked to spend fall, winter, and spring on the West Coast. Yay!


Seems like you are doing great. I seem to be stuck in the US for now because of various travel restrictions and warnings. I still have my coop to go back to but July and the beginning of Aug have been all sitting.
Then family sit for mid-Aug to mid-Sept and it looks like I’m booked for mid-Sept to mid-Oct.
I’m having a great time.


Hi again guys. Thanks for your replys.
Yes last winter was a bit hard. . I did not have a sit for a few months and decided to stay put in Southampton UK. At that time there were few house sits and many to apply. But when it came to April it all opened up and I got mostly fully booked for the summer and into the fall. Then I was very lucky and managed to fill up the gabs I had.
My thinking was to try to go where it was warm during winter. But last winter was not too bad in UK I have to say.
Because of the Covid at that time I only housesat in south UK.
I am now thinking a lot about applying for a longer sit in Uk from November to March.
I started at some time to ask for my travel cost to be covered within UK and that has worked fine. But I also said that it could be talked about .
I have also been tipped a few times.
At one sit I lost a cat. It had seizures and I had been warned about it. When it got it first time it seemed to recover but then it started again and even worse. I managed to take it to the vet after contacting the owners. The vet took it straight in and gave it something to come down.
This was terrible exsperience to wach it suffer so bad. This was around Christmas and I heard from the owners that the vet had taken the cat home with him and at some point it started to clean it self and even eat a little but then the next night it died. All the time I was in good contact with the owners. They then gave me extra 100 pounds so I must have been doing something right. That is the worst thing I have seen all the years I have done this.
But in all I love this way of living .
Well that is it for now you all have a good one in what ever you are doing.

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I just gave up my “shelter in place” in the US and have had no difficulty finding wonderful people, places and pets. There are a few days here and there with gaps but I just book space somewhere (hotel, airbnb). I am also experiencing more extensions on sits such as folks saying I can come early or leave later if needed. Everything always works out. People are wonderful.


@Bravo1239 hello and thats really great to hear from somebody from Iceland! I have been looking out for a sit there for awhile now and hopefully do some travelling either side of it around that amazing landscape! Wow the HO who paid your fares and did so much more sounds a really good person and they are the sort of sits we all hope for! I did have a very nice HO pay my fares to Portugal awhile back and left me with a brand new Range Rover to use and the house was a huge house with swimming pool with amazing views down the valley to the coast! I just had one lovely little kitten to look after! I am still pinching myself! Happy travels and if you do know anybody in Iceland who might need a sitter, I would be interested to hear from them. All the best.


Hi Carpediem.
I once sat for a lady that had a hot tub in the garden that I could use all the time and I could allso use here nic BMW.
I have sat in Iceland a couple of times for friends and I have also seen a sit there,don´t remember where. If you are going there please take loads of money with you it is not cheap :slight_smile:
All the berst.


@Bravo1239 sorry i only just saw your message…yes its nice when you have something like a hot tub to soak in at the end of the day…especially if you have been walking dogs for miles…BMW would be nice also! Yes I have been looking at travel costs for Iceland and as you say its not a cheap destination; thats why hooking up with a HO there with a hot tub, BMW and rabbit is on my ‘wish list’!! Happy travels Bragi

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Hello Bragi… we are scheduled to do a housesit in Madrid in October. Where in Spain will you be? We look forward to our month in Spain!

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I will be in Marbella from 15.Oct. to 3.Nov.

Where will you go after that one ???

Hi @gnsthorne welcome to our community forum and how wonderful, a sit in Madrid in October, we have many member on the forum who will love talking about their Spanish experiences with you …

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from all over the world … thank you again for joining.

Angela and the Team

Hey when you see some, pls let me know where to look for comfortable sits. When I don’t speak language, I get intimated. I use google translate, but I am intimidated.

Shoot, I think we will miss each other. We are actually there from Sept 12th to October 12th. We are scheduled for Swizterland for late Nov and Luxembourg for Christmas. Still working to fill in other sits but we are coming up again the Shengun 90 days. So we will either come back to UK or head to non-Shengun countries. Hard to find those on TH.

Hi there Stephen and Gina.
Yes it is a shame we could not meet up.
All the best


Good for you. We have done many house sits in Europe. We are hoping to pet sitting Iceland one day, but unfortunately opportunities rarely come up in your Country.