My cat is vomiting

My cat is vomiting after changing his diet unfortunately,she is 8 month old,please guide me although i changed its diet to older one

Are you a THS member? If so, do you know there’s a vet hotline you can contact? It’s listed on the website, for instance.

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Is his your own cat or a cat that you are pet-sitting? This is a frum for people who pet-sit through Trusted Housesitters.

I am not a vet but have lots of cat experience. If the cat has been vomiting for more than a day, bring him to a vet ASAP. Dehydration can be very serious in cats.

If the cat just vomited once or twice in a short time, it may be because he ate something that disagrees with him (new food, grass, spilled cleaning product, etc). Keep an eye on him, feed him the old food or switch to a sensitie stomach or a few days (not for long beause those foods usually don’t have enough calories for a growing cat)