My philosophy re a house sit decline

I noted that various people commented on the various ways that our application are declined, for me the most important issue is n’y reaction and that is what determines my well being so I would like to share a philosophy I adopted way back :
As I look back on my life, I realise that every time I thought I was being ‘REJECTED’ from something good, I was actually ‘BEING REDIRECTED’ to something better! Rarely has that not been the case.
Feel free to adopt!


@Jeanav09 What a great way to look at things, I heard this phrase a few years ago when I was wondering about a job. It has definitely helped me step back in other situations and brought comfort, but I must admit I have forgotten it recently so it was a pleasant reminder to read your post :smiling_face:


It really works for me and is applicable to all sorts of situations!


Always :100:
Never let it bother me because I know that better is coming. This has worked in seeing me through some serious tough obstacles in life in general.
Everything is ok. What’s next?


Totally agree, at the time however we might have lost that view for a short while !


It’s like when you’re buying a house and it falls through, there’s usually one that turns out better. Also with jobs.
Great philosophy!


The buying house example happed to me twice and both times I was so grateful the original offer fell through!


I couldn’t agree more! Once I shifted that thinking from rejection to ‘no problems, it’s just not for me & something else will come up’ or most recently I heard, it could even be seen as a ‘gift’ depending on how you look at things, so many more opportunities have opened up. :slight_smile:


Always! Guaranteed.
We don’t see it straight away, sometimes we miss it completely but something better comes. If you study any great historical figure, there is always a pattern of failure before victory.
We get knocked down but we get up again :grin:
Good song to remember
We just keep going. We really don’t have problems. We have moments where we are challenged and have to think of ways to get through, on to the next.


I very much agree with this perspective and I no longer get bent out of shape like I used to because of it. Time and time again, my life has shown me that whenever things ‘fall through’ or didn’t necessarily go the way that I’d wanted them to, there was almost always a better opportunity further up ahead.

For instance, I remember being really keen to sit in Australia in 2020 and at the end of 2019, I applied for various sits out there and got turned down for every single one of them. At the time, I felt disappointed but I just accepted it. On reflection, with the lockdowns coming into effect just a few months later, my life would have been thrown into complete disarray had I gone out there. It very much worked out for the best for me.

With all of that being said though, I do feel that perhaps a bit more effort could be made on both sides to ensure that any declines, whether they are from sitters or owners, are handled with courtesy, respect and just basic decency.


Agreed. I wonder if some declines come with no note, because the system does it, and maybe the Host does not realize the need for a note.

Instead of wallowing in the mud of shock, disappointment and the void of information, which the first decline left me with, I now reply to all declines with a short line or two; feedback, thoughts, potential?..

So I know how to label them;
not suitable or
like/try again in future
try again when I have the blessed car!

I am learning here!
I have the power of choices, clear communication and a winning attitude.

Thanks in large part to this great Forum.

Your comments are noted.

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Thank you for your contributions but this topic is at risk of going completely in the wrong direction. We will now close this having had the point clearly and positively made that a housesit decline is never personal and can be the opening to another wonderful opportunity.

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