Hi fellow sitters, I got confirmed for a housesit a couple of days ago and the homeowner cancelled the sit the very next day. Apparently they had found “better option”, i.e. a person that could do two sits in a row for them. On one hand I obviously understand that it is easier on the pet not to have too many strangers around - and that is why I kept my mouth shut - but on the other hand I found that this what extremely unprofessional and unfair from the homeowners. How would you have dealt with this?
Luckily, most homeowners are just as adorable as their pets, but I just felt hurt and needed an outlet to share my feelings :wink:
Happy petsitting to all of us!
xoxo Wiebke


That’s very unfortunate and discourteous of the home owner, in my opinion. If it had happened to me I would have explained how disappointed I was and made sure I didn’t apply to them in the future. Lots of home owners have a variety of sitters and the animals tend to get used to this.


I am really sad to hear of this. You obviously were a good match to begin with and to be told that they found a “better option” is very unprofessional. It is very unprofessional how they handled this whole situation.
I am pretty sure you will find much better housesits in the future who will appreciate you.

You probably dodged a bullet with this homeowner. Their loss & yes, as Smiley said, you won’t have to apply for them in the future.
Hope you find a better alternative housesit!


@Wiebke Did you report the homeowners to membership services? They violated the terms and conditions of the platform. (I’d hardly call the circumstances of their cancellation “extraordinary”.) Even though it’s unlikely TH will actually take any action, you should still report it.

What happens if I need to cancel a sit?

If you have confirmed a sit but need to cancel, you must inform the other member immediately so that they can make any necessary alternative arrangements.

Remember, a sit must only be cancelled if both you and the other member agree, or if there are any extraordinary circumstances. If this is not the case and you cancel outside of these terms, an investigation may take place that could result in disciplinary action against your membership.

Kind of felt like not talking to them any more. No big loss as it was just for 3 days. But still I felt hurt. Luckily I hadn’t made any plans for afterwards. And you bet I am not applying there any more!!

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Good point. I was thinking about it. But then I thought about the kitty. She is taken care of and that’s all that counts. I guess my ego just got a bit hurt…

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It was just not meant to be I guess. I have always been very relaxed about not being “the chosen one” because after all I think we all are a great choice for any homeowner :slight_smile: . This one just hurt, because we had a nice interview. As it was their first time with THS they even asked me as an experienced sitter which info they should put in the welcome guide!!!