My wife is only comfortable with older, single, female sitters

She would also prefer that they have at least five 5-star reviews.
How and where do I politely insert this into our ad?
Or should it be in our profile.

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Yes you should definitely mention it in your ad, it avoids receiving applications you know you will not be happy with.

I regularly see ads where people ask their sitters to be single, female, vegan, experienced, … so no harm in that.

You can mention it at the end of your introduction + if it’s nothing too personal maybe mention the reason e.g. “our cat is not comfortable around men, so unfortunately we can only accept applications from women”

Hope that helps?


Hello @Joselyn_and_Blair You may want to review Angela’s top 10 tips with your wife (in particularly, #6), and the reason this was posted. Please keep in mind that those new to THS may not be new to house or pet sitting. Many have years of relevant experience. Also, if you consider those who are local, you could perhaps arrange to meet them in person beforehand, which may ease your wife’s concerns. With today’s owner/sitter ratio, discounting any particular group limits your chances of finding a suitable sitter. I hope all goes well for you.

Oh, and for the record, I’m an older, single, female sitter with more than five 5* reviews. :wink:


I recommend to read (at least part of) this thread, because it shows that the 5 Star reviews are not as significant as one thinks they are.
I rather rely on my gut feeling, the application letter and the video chat, which we always do, before confirming a sitter.

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@Joselyn_and_Blair , please do not be dissuaded by this post from @DĂĽsenzofe . There are bad experiences but they are certainly the exception.
Just as people tend to post reviews for businesses when they have had poor service or a bad experience, this is sometimes why THS members decide to seek out and post to the forum. If your wife prefers a mature female sitter, that is not a problem. There are many great sitters here who fit that profile.


I didn’t want to say that there are lots of bad sitters but not to rely too much on the 5 star reviews. Instead, trust your gut feeling and do a video call.
My now confirmed sitters for July don’t have any reviews as sitters. I chose them anyway, because they used to be HOs with THS and they had an old cat, which needed regular shots given by the sitters themselves. Additionally, during the video call I saw parts of their home and it was beautiful and clean.


I think the 5 star review is important, but reading the written part is often more telling.

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I understand relying on the number of THS reviews… but as others have mentioned, read the applications and profiles of those with fewer reviews.
They may have years of professional experience, just didn’t find out about THS until recently! Or maybe THS is only one of the platforms they use for house sitting.

You’ll be interviewing them… You can always ask for external references!


[quote=“Snowbird, post:3, topic:13322”]
Oh, and for the record, I’m an older, single, female sitter with more than five 5* reviews. :wink:
[/quote] :grin:
Me too.

Can’t see how to vote but am in agreement.

Once you click on the thread you will see a green Vote button on top left.

“We can only consider mature, single female sitters with at least five 5-star reviews.” It should be at the top of your listing, since these are very specific requirements that will exclude the majority of sitters. But it’s true what has been written here, the reviews might reveal the whole truth or only part of the truth and it’s 100% better to listen to your intuition (it’s a problem with pretty much all platforms where both parties rate each other).

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Actually nearly ALL sitters have 5 stars. This simply can’t be, because not everyone can be that perfect. I have found about two or three with “only” four stars. This is far from realistic. A sitter without being a HO at the same time, probably can’t see that.

I think that’s crossing into discriminatory language. Although being a THS sitter is not a “job” --it does provide potentially calculable benefit.

The only OK thing to say in this regard in a listing is “cat is afraid of men” or similar.


Why isn’t it simply possible for HOs to post in their listing what constellation they prefer?
I state that we have a Queen size waterbed and a single bed, that we don’t want underage children in the house and no sitters traveling with their own pets…everything else is up to the sitters.
We wouldn’t decline single sitters, male sitters, sitters traveling with a friend or a child (if it’s not underage) or couples. If they think they can sleep in one or both of our available beds, apply!


it is definitely possible, but HOs often omit this information and mention that only in their rejection letter. It will be much easier if there is a dedicated button, where HOs could set their preference. (if they definitely prefer a single person)
We travel as a couple but actually animals really to fall in love first with my husband. Any owner who has given us a chance was amazed how quickly he bonds with their pet, even when they have claimed their pet prefers females. Right now we are sitting a really shy cat and my husband was able to approach her and pet her on the 2nd day, for me it took an additional two days.

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When I joined THS I also thought that I prefer single female sitters older than 40, but this actually has changed.
It changed, because I didn’t post it in my listing and because others, who didn’t meet this (secret) expectation, applied to my listing.

Now I think, that couples or two adults traveling together, aren’t that bad at all, because in case of any disruption they might be able to split up.
Also, at the beginning, I thought that at least 10x5-star reviews would be mandatory for me to even consider the sitters. Now I don’t give that much about it, and rather trust my gut feeling and the overall picture I get from a sitter, including a video chat the background of the sitters and other means of communication.


As a single senior lady believe me I get anxious about sits as well .usually a video call with ho helps so it’s a two way thing .


I can’t find any negative reviews at all I’m guessing everyone is afraid to leave them which at first rendered the reviews meaningless in my opinion
But if you do some digging silence or rather the lack of a review speaks volumes imo
I look up a sitter and their bookings and if corresponding reviews or if huge gaps in not receiving reviews etc I’m guessing the HO chose not to leave a review
I’m sorry id this is an unfair way but until THS fixed this problem I don’t see any other way to eliminate sitters in my selection process