New from Rhode Island, USA

Hello! We are located in beautiful Rhode Island the ocean state! We have two dogs- Teddy who is a Havanese/Shihtzu mix and is 11 years old and Bam who is a Yorkipoo/pug mix and is also 11 years old. We moved from NY two years ago and have no one we really know to watch our dogs and we’re very happy we found this site! Teddy is good with other dogs, Bam not so much. She becomes protective of Teddy and prefers humans. We love that they can stay in the comforts of their own home while we’re away elevating the stress of being in a strange place.


Welcome @Neyz37 to this wonderful community of like minded pet lovers. Rhode Island is a great state for visiting, so I’m sure you’ll receive a good response when you post a sit, to care for your little ones. We both grew up in CT, and raised our children there as well. Most of our extended family still reside in New England. Best of luck on your THS journey!

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Welcome! I just completed a sit in RI a month ago and had a great time. I definitely recommend it to my fellow sitters.

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Welcome @Neyz37 Teddy and Bam… we are glad you found us too! From the responses you’ve had it sounds like Rhode Island is a great place to visit. As newcomers to the area I’m sure you’ve done lots of exploring… what would you recommend not to miss for your upcoming sitters … would love to hear your top three dog friendly suggestions? Enjoy getting to know the community! All the best, Vanessa

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Hi @Neyz37 so many welcomes you should now feel truly part of our pet loving, global community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

TrustedHousesitters has connections with Rescue Rhode Island one of our wonderful sitter members is on their fundraising and events team, she moved there from San Diego just before the pandemic, probably around the same time as you and she absolutely loves it, they have some great events happening this summer including a “Bark On The Beach” this September … as @Vanessa-ForumCMgr says, what would you say makes RI such a special place for residents and visitors alike? (two and four legged)


Rhode Island has a lot to offer. Lots of walking trails, wooded and paved. Beaches and beautiful shops. Hands down the food is beyond amazing. We have one of the best culinary schools in the world here, Johnson and Wales. Most of the chefs who graduate stay local and bring new and exciting foods. Short 1 hr drive to Boston and 3 hrs from NYC. Ferries available to take you to the many local islands - Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Hamptons. If you’re a history buff this is also an amazing area to visit


It sounds fabulous … Of course… now I can picture where you are from the local island names. We nearly made it there before the pandemic but our sit in NYC was cancelled and along with that our planned road trip through New England. Had no idea about Johnson & Wales, what a plus for travel foodies! And lots of great trails for Teddy and Bam!

Thanks for sharing your insights and if you need any help with getting your listing live our membership services support team are available to assist. It won’t be long I’m sure before you are discovering just how perfect it is to have in-home care, as you say, to remove any stress of boarding your pups. Take care and all the best.