New here, Hi!

We’ve got two Main Coons, and an old coot. (Ok, she’s not a coot, but an old tabby.)
Looking forward to having sitters come take care of our crowder of kitties—isn’t that what a group of cats is called?

We are also looking forward to sitting for others. We travel too much to have a dog, but we can enjoy someone else’s while we sit for them!

We’re retired, live in Sacramento, and travel to Monterey county quite a bit.


Hi @Catsittingapp700 a warm forum welcome to you and your “Crowder” … thank you for joining us. It’s great that you are going to use both sides of our lifestyle win win … welcoming sitters and being sitters, that’s what I do and having a perspective from both sides is so helpful.

Enjoy the forum and connecting with members from around the world, we look forward to sharing in your new THS adventure.

Angela & The Team