New home owner from Philly

New to Trustedhousesitters, but I have used similar types of matching sites like Airbnb and dating. Travel for fun and to visit family. Love idea of having a caring person in my home while I am away and taking care of my purrball.


Welcome @gerimc2 ! You’re from my hometown and favorite city! I love to sit there. Philly has it all. You made a good decision in joining this amazing organization. Enjoy the forum, you will learn a lot here, and do post the link to your listing on your forum profile. Here’s how:

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile


Hello @gerimc2, nice to virtually meet you. I find myself in Philadelphia visiting friends very often. Perhaps one day I may be your sitter and we can meet for real. Enjoy the group and your upcoming travels.

Welcome, gerimc! Like Mars, Philly is my hometown.

I’m a cat-lover and visit Philly often to see my brother and his family. What part of Philly do you live in?