Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone! I’m brand new here but have been pet sitting and house sitting for years. I live in Annapolis, MD. I love to travel and I love animals. I grew up with cats, a dog, and birds. It’s hard to pick whether I like cats or dogs better. I just love animals who love to cuddle the most. I have a soft spot for cats that act like dogs.

The last pets I watch were two Dachshunds named Benny and Gigi. I have watched those two several times and they are a lot of fun.

Im here to sit. I currently have no pets of my own. I rent and cannot have pets where I live so watching other people’s pets let’s me get my animal loving need met. Im single, have no kids, and work from home. This makes it easy for me to pack my bags and watch others houses or pets. I love to travel snd am looking forward to serving this community.


Hello @Jenergy17 and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our community forum, where we hope you’ll enjoy connecting with our members all over the world! Thank you for your lovely introduction. Aren’t Dachshunds just the lovliest of pups?! We looked after our first a couple of years ago and had endless fun. Ours loved digging in mole hills in the fields and their little legs dug away like machines!!

You sound like you just love having pets around you so pet sitting is obviously the very best fit for you!! Continue to enjoy and we look forward to following your journey here on the forum :slight_smile:

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Welcome! I hope you have some great adventures! It’s a fun life.

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