New Homeowner and Listing Stuck in Review

Hello all - my husband and I were houesitters for a few years and really enjoyed it. We now have a sweet kitty and we just joined as homeowners but our listing seems to be stuck in limbo - it just says “in review” and has been that way since Thursday. Is this normal that it takes that long to review a listing? Thanks.

HI @Zoegirl welcome to our community forum thank you for joining … I will take a look at your listing for you. Have you checked your TrustedHousesitters emails? As I believe you will have had a message from Laura about your listing.

If you can check and let me know I will follow up with a DM to help.

Thank you again for joining and welcome from beautiful British Columbia.

Angela and the Team

Thank you for your reply. I just checked my TrustedHousesitters emails and there is isn’t anything about my listing. I checked the status of my listing again and now it says “not live”.

I will DM you @Zoegirl