Listing showing "not complete"

Good afternoon everyone.
I am new to this site, I am trying to publish my listing, I completed all categories but it still says that my listing is not complete. 88 % complete. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

many thanks

Hello @Jujuka and a very warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum. And my what an awesome sit you have to offer in Morocco! I’ve just had a look at the listing for you and the reason you can’t publish is because the dates are set to start and finish on the same date.

If you change those dates you’ll be able to PUBLISH THE LISTING … the green box at bottom of the screen. If you don’t yet have your dates confirmed then the listing won’t show as live until you do set the dates. But… you can view your listing to see how it’s looking with the LISTING PREVIEW Button.

Hope that helps but if anything remains unanswered, just let me know. All the best, Vanessa

Thank you so much! That worked. I still do not have pictures of the inside of the house, it should be finished soon so will be able to put pictures of the inside in a couple of weeks.

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No problem … and I can see your listing is now waiting approval, which membership services will pick up on for you. This is our type of house sit will look forward to seeing it live! Good luck and do enjoy the forum and connecting with other members :slight_smile:

Hello @Jujuka , welcome to the community & looking forward to seeing your listing.

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Thank you!

If you want to spend 5 months in Morocco, in the huge farm and just give love to 7 sloughis let me know!

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Well, it as under review but did not go live…

Hi again… I will tag @Therese-Moderator and had this over to her so she can check why it’s still in review. All the best, Vanessa

Hi @Jujuka I have just checked on your listing, I have now approved this, but if you can please post inside pictures as soon as you can, that would be much appreciated kind regards Therese

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Thank you! I will in a week or two, as explained, we are finishing the house this week, hence the lack of pictures…

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