Note it live

How long does it take for me to go live after I have registered.
It have now been 12 hrs and I am still not live

Hi @Bev and firstly welcome to the community, we hope you enjoy your journey with both Trustedhousesitters and here in the forum, connecting and sharing with other members.

I’ve checked your account and it looks like it has taken a little longer because of the request from membership services for some internal home pictures for your listing. I’ve just spoken with them and they have now received those pictures and are, as I type, in process of activating your listing. You should receive a confirmation email very shortly.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you find a sitter very soon. If there’s anything else at all we can do to help, please get in touch or ask here in the community. All the best, Vanessa


Hi Vanessa. I find your reply interesting. I see many listings where there aren’t any internal home pictures. Is this a new requirement? Being a sitter, it’s certainly one I would appreciate, as I think it’s reasonable to ask. Just curious.


I am new to Trusted Housesitters, I have put a few of the downstairs
should I include bedrooms and bathroom

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I’ve just double checked this with MS and this is what @Katie-MembershipServices has confirmed, which is great news for sitters:

“From the feedback we have received from sitters (mainly on the forum) we are now implementing this as a mandatory requirement. We saw that some sitters would not apply for listings that didn’t have internal photos. It’s important for them to see where they are staying, cooking meals and relaxing in the evenings. So we now reach out to owners if they haven’t included any internal photos and hold the listing until they are added.”


Hi Bev and thank you for updating your listing. It’s sometimes hard when you are new to know exactly what to add to your listing so the forum is a great place to get tips, advice and feedback… all of which will help your find your perfect pet sitters.

I know we are always very grateful to see where we will be sleeping, so I would say, and I’m sure other sitters will agree, the more you can add to give an overall picture of what life will be like in your home and with your pets, is all positive for your listing :slight_smile:


This is excellent news :clap:


Hi Bev, and welcome. As a sitter, knowing where I will sleep is important to me. However, we all have different priorities. I think it’s reasonable to include one photo of the kitchen, place where the sitter will sleep, and the bathroom the sitter will use. It allows the sitter to see whether it will be a good fit for their priorities. If your bedroom is one that will not be used by the sitter, then there’s no need to add it. What is a red flag for many sitters is 10 photos of the pets and no inside photos. That’s my take on it anyway. I hope that helps you.


Thank you for your help. I agree with you.

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I agree, internal photos are very much a necessity, but to be honest, I’ve never let lack of photos stop me from considering an otherwise great-looking sit. I just ask for pics of the bedroom and kitchen/living area when I first apply and provide my email address in the off chance that people are hesitant to post personal photos online. If they aren’t willing to email me photos, that would be a red flag to me and I wouldn’t accept the sit.

That being said, I’m glad that a few indoor photos are now mandatory.


Hi @Vanessa-Admin I’ve signed up and completed every part of my profile and my account is still registering as ‘not live’ and I haven’t been able to find any help information or settings to amend this. How do I go about converting my profile to live? Cheers

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Hi @sarahandsean thank you and apologies for the ongoing tech issue, have sent you a DM …

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