New HOs and Sitters from Pennsylvania

Hello, my husband and I joined THS in September 2021. We are homeowners who are currently in another state and are experiencing our first THS house/pet sitter in our home right now! We are also home/pet sitters ourselves and look forward to taking care of your pets and home. I have read many sections of the forum and appreciate the range of topics applicable to us, since we are both HOs and pet/house sitters.


Hello and welcome. What a wonderful share and way to start your journey.
Join in and share your thoughts, insight and stories.
We love pics :relaxed:


Welcome to the most fun lifestyle ever. I get to PA often. Where are you located?


Hello Mars! Our home is in Mount Joy, a small town in famous Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (home of the Amish and a vibrant Lancaster city).


HI @Paige2013 thank you for joining us from PA a very warm welcome to you and welcome to TrustedHousesitters as well, we have a helpful, supportive and caring community thank you for choosing to be part of it.

Your first sitters, that’s so exciting and sitters yourselves, having the view from both sides of this incredible win win win (the pets HAVE to have one of those) is such an unique position to be in.

Enjoy connecting with members from around the world and once again welcome, we can’t wait to share in your journey.

Angela & The Team

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Hi @Paige2013, it’s very interesting to have the 2 caps, HO & HS, we are quite involved differently…
Many sitters contribute, less owners, a minority of both profiles.

@Paige2013 - welcome. We live in Delaware and we too are both HO and sitters. Our first year we just had sitters come stay with our pets, as I wanted to get a feel for the whole system. Then in 2021 we did our 1st sit and have another scheduled for December. We’ve loved it so far. If you ever have specific questions feel free to private message me, happy to help out!

Thank you, Peg, we will do so.

Keep our info handy in case you want to sit here in Lancaster County! We have sitting opportunities coming up in Jan-Feb and in April-May. :slight_smile: Mary

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